June 17, 2008

Skating Rink

Construction has begun. The whole idea has actually been quite funny but to actually see the grass that was planted, over the old reflecting pool, ripped up enclosed by fences, it is not so funny anymore. This should have gone the way of the SkyBridge. My goodness.

Have I mentioned that we should:
  1. Downgrade to a General Aviation Airport, per IMG 100,00 study, and no longer be Part 139 certified.
  2. Post the information that Avports wants right on the website and utilize some of the DOT monies and maybe use the $250,000 in savings to market the airport to other airport mgmt companies, other airport authorities and who knows who else?


Anonymous said...

The skating rink is a very bizarre idea but hopefully it will be successful and attract some patrons. The city seems to be good at chasing people off given the exodus of residents from Franklin and Federal streets at the moment. Maybe Mike O does his best thinking while gliding in graceful circles. I expect to see him conjure up some tax incentives for businesses and residents soon or he should hit the road.

Anonymous said...

interesting enough..Jordan Levy was on the phone today with CC Haller talking about Comunity HealthLink and the folks they are involved with..he commented on how they work with folks no one wants to live next to...I could add the folks that Jordan and other leaders in this city have allowed to over take it-the city for years...that have contributed NOTHING to it...have forced many good folks to move and continue to do so.

I find it very difficult to support certain folks in this city who just seem to pander to so many for their own good standing

Anonymous said...

loxugwHEN lEVY TOOK OFFICE IN 1976 we did not have the Pajama People that we now have. You're correct, this city has slid down a slippery slope while he was councillor and/or mayor for a total of about 25 years.

He micro-managed everything Jeff Mulford did and at one point there were grumblings about a suit of 10 taxpayers b/c he wouldnt let Mulford run the city.

I cant understand why WTAG radio doesnt replace him with some one who can bring in some listeners, some ratings, and who doesnt continually butcher the English language.

The times I have listened to him, he takes a position on an issue, then immediately starts back pedaling when a caller disagrees.

He once even had the cahonnes to say on the air that he never helped anyone get a job "on the city" as they say when you get on a gubment payroll. .........which is a G.D. lie. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that crock.

I wish he stayed at Marcus or where ever he worked selling and/or buying womens' clothes................b/c he's definitely a big part of what was & is wrong with Worcester.

I will say the one thing he did do right, was voting against the Civic Center construction.....which basically is (or was) another Worc Airport (White Elephant), except it has private management now.

Anonymous said...

The pocket park that I thought existed on Ethan Allen St, is in fact privately owned property and is more in the nature of what I would call a "Tot Lot"....it was built in 1975.........and still exists today............although poss. altered since then......appears to be for use by tenants of the apt building(s) in that general area....and I can assure you it would not cost $750,000 plus another $500,000 for the land.

Just think all that money for Winslow St Pocket Park so your kids can play in a park under which there may very well be buried construction rubble from the former Winslow St School........hopefully it's all rotted by now..........

Anonymous said...

he is in bed with everyone in the city...he is a supposed major area radio man but he acts more like everyones dad..I grew up on Gene Burns, Jerry Williams, Jess Cain, Avi Nelson..David Brudnoy - these guys pushed buttons!

Jordan knocks the folks that Comunity Health Link are working with..the bums that hangout at the downtown Dunkin Donuts and then he belly's up to everyone that has given in to these cats..about the only one he evah knocks is Konnie Lukes...has anyone evah heard Jordan push a pol in the studio???

Anonymous said...

I'll buy Levy a 1 way ticket to Florida. Even 1st Class seat
to accomodate that mouth

It's time to go & time to lock in the gains on the west side manse...s/b sizeable gains ................Maybe Community Health Link would like the site.........a great way to even the score with any troublesome neighbors

Dianne is the new up & coming radio talent in town......LOL......stay tuned.......for a continual rant about the town of Holden and all its snobs !!!!