June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hope everyone has a nice Father's Day, even to the anonymous posters. Thankfully Super Bore did not write a story on the Celts hopefully avoiding the Super Bore jinx. By the way Rocco Mediate is not out of this US Open and keep an eye on the other old guys-Els and Jimemez.

One serious item. I was driving home and the El Delicioso, which has been a magnat for trouble, that was typically parked on Benefit Street late night has moved. It was on the street next to State Liquors across the street from the Old Lord Vasils and Dohertys. There is no doubt in my mind there this will be the scene of future problems. Seems to be a common theme in Worcester, just move one problem from one place and spread it around the city; for example, shut down the PIP and move it somewhere else like Newton Square and now Elm Street.

Recently there were problems at Golden Pizza and they were required to have a police detail like Kennedy's Chicken a few years back.

  • Why are these guys not held to the same standard?
  • Wonder if they pay any sales tax to the Commonwealth?
  • Do they have all the approrpiate licenses?
  • Also with all the requirements that a food establishment has to maintain, what standards in place for an operation like this?
  • Wonder where they dump the grease when they are done cooking?
  • Do these trucks have inspections like your typical eating establishment?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nobody is nibbling on this one??

Probably cause we are all sick that it takes the city so long to resolve these kind of issues that put good business out of business...I shuddah to think how much business Gilreins and One Love have lost cause of the continued violence associated with the Hispanic business & community on Main South..both business run by an Indian and a Jamaican

Same with landlords who run a tight ship..anyone heard from Cascading Waters??? I hope he/she stops by 224 Chandler sometime..three stay at home households and a shit hole not attributable to the landlord even thos she is one of the worst in the city..trash all out front..shithole of a yard..yellow trash bags always out front...funny me and my tenants work around the clock and then we have time to keep our yard tidy for us and our surroundings..

I just wish folks would work as hard as they do for parks paid by the taxpayer would also on these kind of problems killing the city..lack of parks is not a problem