June 25, 2008

Kudos To David Moore

If you read the attachment in last night's City Council agenda (9B) regarding the "moratorium", City Solicitor Moore points out the "unintended consequences" and how this passage could actually make the foreclosure process even longer.


Anonymous said...

Here's an example of my problem with low income housing and how it's being densely built all over Main South.

The May St Worc. Common Ground project.... 55 units currently under construction/re-hab.......it's an old piano factory/storage facility..it should have remaioned commercial

It costs 11,900 per student per year to educate a kid in Worcester. (The term education being used loosely.)

Let us assume that this May St project of 55 new housing units sends on average 3/4's of a student(.75) per unit into the school system each year

55 units x 3/4 of a student per unit = 41 students x $11,900 per student cost = $488,000.

Each unit would have to generate $9,000 in property taxes just to break even on the school side of the city budget..........never mind all the other costs the city has to incur.

Even if you asuume each unit sends only a 1/2 student into the school system......each unit would still have to generate $6,000 in property taxes just to break even on the school dept side of the city budget.

Now imagine if each unit sent 1 student into the school system each year.

I suggest to you each unit will probably generate about $1,500 annually in property taxes. This isnt Mensa Mathematics. An urban 6th grader can see where these numbers are all headed.

55 units of low income housing built on 8/10ths of an acre is an absolute prescription for fiscal disaster. Sad part is that similar projects have already been built and more are on the drawing baord.

This flow of money from Washington should be stopped yesterday. McGovern is destroying our city financially, soci- economically, and politically by subsidizing low income voters who in turn vote him into office....and the teachers and custodian unions love it even more.

Meanwhile back at the ranch your councillors woory about foreclosures (none of their dam business), Yellow Boxes, useless Gad dam resolutions, shopping carts, potholes, and grandstanding for Channel 3 cameras.

I am not angry, I may be white, I may be male,......but I am sure as hell not happy seeing Worcester sink financially..............while our board of directors fiddles

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Let's focus on tax revenues. More sources of revenues are required and that means this city has to get the non-profits and educational institutions to pay. But the council are a bunch of *********** who refuse to address the issue. Recently I read, the schools stated (brag) about how much economic activity they generate in central mass, $1.2 billion. Ya see, the money is there - take it! When is the city finally gonna do something?

Anonymous said...

you make to much sense Jahn (sometimes)..the hell with commercial.how about 35 units of market apartments-in a rehabbed time piece like they do in Boston...yah think this would transform Main South a wee bit instead of more projects..cause this is really what is being built on the Main corridor..more projects in an area of the city that should be blossoming into something else..a fight to get rid of the PIP Shelter and then we add more projects onto Main South from Madison to May..wonder why Congressman McGovern does not live next to one with his La Familia? How come his kids do not go to Chandler Street Elementary School...if all of this is good for us..how come not for his La Familia?? I can guarantee that many on this blog make more "do re mi than he" I know I do..I am here by choice not out of necessity..why does he not choose to live in Main South with his La Familia on his off time from Washington..

I was in Boston yesterday and the transformation is just incredible..Boston is becoming such a beautiful city all ovah..even the subway stations look good ...plenty of places for the poor being bult right now..so little for productive folks..City Square stalls cause of the economy..housing projects in Worcester still flourish....Boston Pols have a better sense for their city cause they all live in the urban city ..most of our Pols live ovah on the cushy West Side in Woostah where the tenants have Phi Beta credentials and on the East side our tenants place their yellow trash bags on flowers and up against the street trees for days on end..this is a huge problem for this city..I WILL RESTATE FOR ALL POLS READING THIS....A MAJOR PROBLEM!!!

Anonymous said...

Paulie, it may have been before your time...........but we had Ray Mariano (former Worc politico extrordinaire) on the school committe years ago..................would you care to guess if his kids went to private or public schools?

I'll give you a clue. His answer wwas: "Where I send my kids to school is a personl choice."