June 19, 2008

O'Brien Targets Airport

This is good news that one of his goals is for MassPort to take over for fiscal 2009. As we all know, we should not only not be in the airport business but we should also not be in the golf course business. That said the best part of the story in the Telegram was:

"Administration will also be researching and developing a contingency plan to transition the airport to alternative ownership models, if necessary, as called for in the airport master plan."

Finally!!! Bring on the Avports, National Express, other airport authorities and anyone else who may be interested. What I found ironic was the reference to the airport master plan. Where is it??? Remember this is the 20 Year Master Plan that has been worked on for 5 years.

Let me make one thing clear. If we actually can trnasition ownership during fiscal 2009 then it may not make sense to downgrade to General Aviation since the new owner or leasee may want commercial activity.

My favorite line in the paper today belongs to Chief Gemme. KUDOS to the Chief "We have to work continuously on that, because ultimately the taxpayer has to pay."

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