June 10, 2008


In the newspaper again today. Can we go one week without seeing or hearing Paulie and/or Harry in one media format or another? What next a picture of Jahn in the Telegram with Charley Farley...


Anonymous said...

The Power of PR, Wild Will!!

I wish you had gotten involved in the Chandler Street WOMAG piece...I am actually not pleased with it..just more crime & grime!!

I chatted with Chet about so much and all he did was rehash ole hash...not one mention of our great location to so much.the new places opening up..the ole ones holding on...

We need to combat the bad PR down here hardah Wild Will....perception goes a long way...I'm happy to share the limelight..I tried to get more involved in the piece mate!

Anonymous said...

where is the piece you mention?? I read the T&G today and did not see..I am losing my eyesight:>)

Sorry I missed the Rutland gig...had to go out of town on bizness...

Anonymous said...

BTW mates..I am feeling the love..been out of town on business...had two big events the past two weeks but they took up the past 4 weeks...in the midst of my busy season where I am hacking away at 1-2 events a month and all big..

I am going to have a New Orleans style Jazz Fest this summer from my pad and the lot next door...live Jazz & Blues music, Cajun/Creole food (practing on the jambalaya this weekend) and of course cold refreshments..some sponsored by Harpoon Brewery!!

Will be a good time to get all of us malcontents together for a beer or two..Jahn I can hind some beer in the woods if you still wish to remain anonymous..Gabe your invited also!!

Bill Randell said...

rod lee, man the guy does a good job, writing in his buzz piece today

Bill Randell said...

I remember years ago, there was a park on the corner of Hollis and Gardner Street. People proposed to tear it down and there was a huge outcry, although I drove by it for years and hardly anyone used it.

Park was replaced a couple years back for three deckers that were moved by the Main South CDC from Beacon/Ripley Street.

Anonymous said...

If you think you are seeing way to much of me now, just wait until September when this book comes out...


THEN the big media press will ensue as my son's story is mentioned as one of the stories, albeit one with a tragic ending.

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

I may even have to approach Paulie for his BAA event services expertise...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bill does have a point...


http://www.krnv.com/Global/story.asp?S=8402760 (click on red camera)


http://jbcisfun.com/blog (scroll down 1/3rd of the way)







At the end of July, ABCNEWS.COM will be picking up the story at:


For the 2 links below, just click the play button under the advertisement to hear the interviews...




Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

Paulie, I have been meaning for years now to get over to Suneys ( and your hood) and try their F&C's....not sure I like Jambalaya.......you inviting your neighbors to this event.....and it you dont what happens if they call the cops...{g}

Bill, today in your travels drive over either Ethan Allen St or Dale or one of the streets that runs paralell to the above streeets......I know for a fact certain that in 1975 one of these pocket parks was built and finished on a lot in that area......I am guessing maybe just a 5000 ft lot...........i wonder

a. is it still there.

b. its general condition.

c. How busy it is.

John said...

This is the park behind the YMCA. There seems to always be alot of kids playing soccer & baseball. There is a plyaground for little kids & a walking/jogging track that seems to be in fairly good condition. Early in the morning I seee some homeless people hanging out on the benches

Anonymous said...

John, I think we're talking about 2 diff sites. My recollection is that it wasnt large enough for a ball field or walking track....unless it was later enlarged

This small park was on either Ethan Allen (I am 95% certain) or Dale or one of the other paralell streets.

It was finished in August or Sept of 1975.........of this I am 100% certain....and I am guessing it was 1 or 2 old three decker lots....for a total of about 5000 or 10,000 sq ft...............many 3 deckers were built on 5,000 ft

I am just curious to know its current status....b/c it will support the position of some folks that we are over parked & under-utilized & "under-mantained"..if we farmed out the routine up keep of parks it would go a long way toward getting more grass mowed for our buck.......esp, if as Bill has mentioned, we got some of Glodis's Guys with some Konnie Lukes (very GREEN) manual push mowers out there....let's just hope Guy's Guys dont build up their leg strength by using manual push mowers...................such that they are able to out run the guards and bound over the barbed wire in a single Clark Kent style leap.......and then run marathon style down Guys new 1/2 mile driveway and hop a CSX freight train bound for upstate NY

Anonymous said...

Bill, did you have a chance to drive by Ethan Allen St? Jahn needs to know about the pocket park that was built there in mid 70's.

Also, if you want to see an unused park.......drive by Dodge park on Randolph Rd, off Birncoat at the high school. 10 or 15 yrs ago they spent money to re-juvenate a completely ununsed park....even built a small gazebo....then thinned out all the overgrowth that had developed over the years.............most it ever gets used is for gazebo lunchs...........basebaLL FIELD THAT USED TO beDOWN IN THERE......well who knows....cant even see it from the street anymore...........i think it's all overgrown too

Also whatever happend with that park (or garden) that main South Cunmunity was suppoed to build over on Kilby St or there abouts........was it ever built.........if so what's its current condition........god if they want a community garden.....then let's start a new poor farm.....like there used to be down by great broook valley housing project..........

any new small parks s/b built in elementary school yards that have the space availbale ..like over at elm park comm. school.....at least then we dont have to buy the land......plus the kiddies get to use it during recess & weekends...and the teens can use it to drink at night.

Clearly we're not a city on the move.......instead we're just parked

Also keep in mind all the parks land that will become availble if they close down all the pools and build a few spray parks.

Hey also check out the park that used to be on the road leading out of great brook valley it was biult about 35 years.......it had all these spring mounted animal & toy like things you could sit on/in .....horses, cars, a dolphin, etc... they were made from what was supposed to be indestructible concrete & then coated with plastic or fiberglass.....anyone care to guess what happened to them?........i'll bet they arent there anymore