June 13, 2008

Dick Chernisky Letter to the Editor

Friday, June 13, 2008 Worcester neighborhoods being ruined

The dumping on Worcester continues. Housing mongers and service providers are looking to trash every neighborhood in Worcester. Neighborhood leaders need to rally the voters. Why is it that junkies, ex-convicts and prostitutes can be dumped on Newton Square, Arthur Street and Elm Street, but these same social misfits cannot be dumped in Paxton, Grafton or Westboro?

Answer: Because Worcester’s politicians are not protecting Worcester the way town politicians protect surrounding towns. Example: Some city politicians support PIP even though it’s killing Main South, but if you tried to move PIP to West Boylston, the West Boylston politicians would fight tooth and nail in defense of their community.

It’s time for neighborhood leaders from Greendale to Main South and from Tatnuck Square to upper Hamilton Street to come together as a citywide organization and stop the dumping. “Worcester United” could represent a powerful voting block of thousands.

The Elm Street neighborhood should not be standing alone against Healthlink. Neighborhood leaders across the city should speak out in defense of Elm Street. Arthur Street should support Newton Square and Newton Square should support Arthur Street. A united Worcester needs to zero in on the politicians who support only their political careers and not Worcester’s neighborhoods. “Worcester United” needs to eliminate the politicians that are funding the service providers and housing mongers and their diabolical plan to turn Worcester into another Springfield. RICHARD L. CHERNISKY Worcester


Anonymous said...

I read this in the T&G while having breakfast on Rt 140 in Sterling this mornin'.....Richard contributes to the T&G often and is almost as angry as us-he should be invited aboard Wild Will..

Beating this stuff back is going to be hard if you have a financial interest in Worcester Urban...Worcester Urban has been allowed to be turned into a welfare town...and it is because those on the West Side were for to long happy to give the do goodahs anything they wanted as long as the west side nevah experienced the decay that Worcester Urban has...now that we are fighting back within the urban core and the do-goodahs are running out of urban options they are spreading their wings..anyway good for Richard..he is a wee bit vitriolic but then one has to be in this city to get a point across..or stay alive financially!!

I'll state it time and time again..until we have more local, state & federal leaders living within the urban core of the city including city workers, police & fire..we are going to have a hard time beating back all of this hoss sheet...imagine having a state sentaor living in a condo in the Canal District or buying and rehabing back to it's ole glory a house in Main South...change would happen quick and few do goodahs would fuck around with the neighborhoods cause they know funding would be zero!! When was the last time you heard of a PIP Shelter opening up on Beacon Hill next to John Kerry's manse or around Billy Bulger or Ray Flynn's digs in Southie??

What a powerful statement City Manager Mick O'Brien could have made when he was appointed-bought house in Main South and brought it back to it's ole glory like many of the houses around Clark have been and even what I am doing down on Chandler with others (I am a huge supporter of our City Manager BTW regardless)

Bill Randell said...

I concur.

Always felt that a municipal employee should not be punished if they do not live in the city.

They should be rewarded, however, if they take up primary residence in targeted areas. Just imagine if a cop live right next to you. Do you think that would be good or the neighborhood??

Waive his property taxes--it would be worth it!!

Anonymous said...

mR cHERNISKY IS AN EDITORIAL WRITER 4X YEARLY.......... almost exactly q'terly......which I think is T&G limit. I agree wholeheartedly with him....he's been a lone wolf for years now with his quarterly letter to the editor.

As he has often mentioned in the past..........although not this time...............why in gods name are we building more & more & more & more low income housing when the city already has 10% affordable/low income housing.......which is the state mandated minimum (although few if any suburban locales are in complinace).....yet Worc is at 13%.......30% above the state mandated minimum.....b/c we continually take Mcgovern and Deval money to build low income housing

Anyone who votes for either and then expects anything diff. has their head stuck in the sand........when Mcgovern sends comm. dev'ment money to Worc........although he may not say it directly.........he EXPECTS it will be used to build more low income housing for his voting block.

Maybe Worc Common Ground s/b asked why there are no 1/2 way houses or low income housing out in the Holden St area.

We'll never become an magnet for middle income wage earners if we continue down this path.

A city our size should not have 7 or 8 different non profit entities constructing low income housing...........if anyhting they s/b downsized/consolidated..........and their CEO's who are being comp'ed the tune of $100,000+ annually s/b put out to pasture.............let em see what they can make with their talents in the real world ( much less than 100K)

Also Pualie, what in God's name is wrong with you paying $1,000 to plant public trees in your neighborhood...all the while we have 13% of city workforce out Injured on Duty.........and the average city employee takes 10 sick days per year...........and not one single councilllor will touch these issues......yet at tuesday nights meeting Rushton says anyone abusing sick time s/b terminated...........God that mans nose gets longer by the week.

I wonder how many city employess called in sick on Memorail day or the Tuesday or Fri. before or after?

Anonymous said...

leave Arthur street out of it. We cleaned up the little league park, are fixing Banis Park, and pick up trash all over the neighborhood.