June 17, 2008

Worcester Business Journal

I picked it up today.

  • 245 million Chance on Grafton Science Park
  • 20 top venture capital deals- Westborough had four ranging from 10 to 37.5 million. Worcester had none.
  • Four year project in Charlton called Yankee Crossing will total 600,0000 at the intersections of Route 20 and Route 169

Jahn, what do all of these projects have in common? I know that I am accused by some of being negative, but we need to look at the facts. Private development is happening all around Worcester, while all we get are either public financed projects or more low income housing.

We need to address the problem and not pretend all is well.


Anonymous said...

They're proabably all privately funded..................translationno Mcgovern or Deval bucks...although I am not Sure about Grafton Sci. Park ?? Hate to admit, but its the first I have heard of it.........or is this Tufts Vet School area/spinoff?

In defense of Worc, we do have our private colleges continually building...........UMass always seems to be doing something ( arguably gub'mint money). Higher education is Worc's primary private business....maybe followed by museums...and of couse we all know who Worcesters largest employer is............and there isnt even a close 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mr Bill, your time for surprise quizzie. Got to keep my fellow bloggers on their toes.

Real Estate Law 101 (actually maybe General Business Law 101!).

If I sell you a piece of property and there are conditions & limitations re: what you can to with the property.............how do I make absolutely sure you are not able to skirt around the conditions & limitations?

Anonymous said...

Nick's T&G headline today (Wedn):

"M'ger Has $295M Capital Invest Plan"

..to be Funded through borrowing & grants.

"Highlights" of $295M plan listed in the T&G total only $28M. The highlights account for only 10%of total amt budgeted

So where is the other $267M to be spent?...............given that the highlights totla only a mere 10% of the total....I hope not on compensation for employees?

Oddly enough the amts spent on street & sidewalk repairs seem miniscule.

Inquiring minds want to know where the other $268M is going?

Also omitted is any mention of capital outlays for Mr Fletchers Water Park.....which i sugeest is a done deal.............given a $900,000 study being prepared re: it

Anonymous said...


Mr Zoback, you need to have a serious sit down with the boss. I suspect he's impairing the flow of ink from your pen

The topic: a DETAILED investigate story on Injured On Duty status of Worcester City employees.

I thought I heard Mr Rushton say on Levy's show (sometimes I do listen) that we have 600 employees out I. O. D. By my count that is 12% of the city workforce out on what is basically 100% workmens compensation.

THIS WARRANTS A FRONT PAGE STORY..........to shake the city out its soon to be summer doldrums.

And where is MR Rushton on this issue.........having dog & cat fights with Konnie & Phil. Gimme a break !

Anonymous said...

The T&G is really becoming boring with the continued standing headlines:

a. Firfighters continue to whine. God, does this dept. cry out for privatization! Has anyome ever seen such a collective group of belly-achers! These guys are wose than little or women! Meanwhile small contractors continue to lose work to moonlighting firefighters who carry no workemns compensation and pay no taxes on all the work they do for homeowners. I think that even if Local 1009 Firefighters hired a Madison Avenue public relatiosn firm.......that the average persons opinion of these crying adults still could not be salvaged. This FF crying continues and soon Worcester structures will be floating toward the Atlantic.

b. Ditto's for school dept employees...more tears.... this time from the cafeteria workers. (Let em eat crow or their own food!)

c. Manager to hand off airport to Massport w/in a year (or to an alternate lessee). Bill you can expand on this one.

d. City Sq demo to commence thsi calendar year. I'll swear last week the T&G reported that Berkeley has until June, 2009 to commence demo. Any demo that commences in 2008 will be merely minor interior workk, IMO

e. P.I.P. Shelter to be shuttered w/in a year. I'll leave comment on thsi one to another Bill...Mr Breault

f. Manager to work toward more street & sidewalk re paving. I Just saw another puddle in a newly repaved street this morning. But the puddles are getting smaller....kinda like Curly (or was it Larry) and the divots

There are more but I already tossed todays paper.