June 08, 2008


Nick K has a good section in his column on the airport, click here. Where has Super Bore (AKA Robert Z Nemeth) been on the airport?

For those new to the blog Mr Nemeth, he was on the airport commission and may have even been the chairman, came to my office when I first started the website/blog to find out who I was and to tell me "nothing gets done at the airport unless it goes through him." After explaining to him the concept of privatiztion, he directed me to turn in any suggestions in wrting to the airport commission, note page 7 of the Feb, 2005 board minutes .

We should have been working on privatization of ORH the past three years with packages readily available for companies like Avports? Do you think they even discussed my suggestions? I doubt it and needless to say I have never submitted any other ideas. Have I mentioned yet that we should:

  1. Downgrade to a General Aviation Airport yesterday and no longer be Part 139 certified.
  2. Post the information that Avports wants right on the website and utilize some of the DOT monies and maybe use the $250,000 in savings to market the airport to other airport mgmt companies, other airport authorities and who knows who else?


Anonymous said...

i TOO READ nICK THIS MORNING........rather hastily i might add....... Half the column was dedicated to what i call the entitlement mentality of the school dept..............yet i dont think I saw any mention in there of outsourcing custodial services as a way to save money (which idea the school committee basically buried).............even though Nick bemoaned the school committee raises.

Another beef of mine.....about 430pm or so yesterday afternoon there was a real good accident on Park Ave at the lights at "Duddies Corner" Why in Gods name to we need 2 fireturcks there (one of them mamouth)? I arrived uPon the scene seconds after tha incident and the order of arrival was cops, 1 firetruck , EMT's and then another massive ladder truck. Leave one truck at the station for a possible fire call on Pleasant or wherever

Another beef..... i AM FED UP WITH these fire trucks racing up & down Park Ave, blocking traffic, sirens blaring, etc, etc..........only to have them arrive upon the scene of an old lady at Elm Park who has fallen and already has 2 cops and @ EMT s attending to her. Frankly, I'd rather they just keep sleeping instead aboutsetting the flow of traffic on Park Ave (always congested) for no reason at all.

These needless responses are a marketing tool just to get out on Park Ave and make the public more aware of their services (often unneeded)

Anonymous said...

hey jake, how bout a few weeks ago when they sent a fire engine out on 290 for the runaway bear? I am by no means a modern day Marlon Perkins but do runaway bears frequently burst into flames? Thank God they sent an engine in case of the very distinct possibility of this potential catastrophy happening.

Anonymous said...

I did read about that unfortunate incident with poor Yogi......cemetaries can be deadly places....just ask grieving Cindy.....I didnt realize the Fire Dept was there too......

assuming here that it was the Webster Sq fire battalion........what happens when a fire breaks out on Mian St near the LEicester line........and fire fighting eqiupment is being "deployed" in such a manner??

I like when they cruise around the general area of the station...........and just coincidentally decide to stop by at Auto Zone to check on the proper storage of waste oil.........and pick up a pair of brake calipers, an air filter, and a case of motor oil.....all the while tying up parking and traffic for the poor civilains trying to shoplift a couple of air freshners from Auto Zone....