January 24, 2011

Allegiant Air

These guys are just getting better and better every day.    Youngstown and Worcester were in similar situations five years ago.   Now check out Youngtown with Allegiant numbers in 2010, click here

Allegiant air, up more than 10,000 from the 17,391 reported for 2009. With just the existing scheduled service and not additional flights or carriers

Lets ask them to come back?


Jahn said...

Why was Worcester school delayed 2 hours this morning.?

What differernce does it make if it's 6 degrees or 106 degrees. I fail to understand how the temperatue affects getting to school timely.

Melinda, This is not proper Protocol or Procedure. It is cheating....cheating the students at Goddard School & other school out of 2 hours of learning and education time.

Ill bet lotsa students and parents had no problem getting to the Centrum ON TIME OR EARLY for an Ice Cats re union on Saturday night when it was about the same temperature.

<<<<<<<<< Fed up with the excuse factory that is the city of Worcester

Jahn said...


Todays T&G has a letter to the editor about a succesfull $60,000 Micro loan to some kinda of Pharma/bio/medical type company in Worcester and how this company had been successful and paid the Micro loan back with interest & penalties.

THE TOPPER....to me this says it all......The writer goes on to say the company also rec'd $17M in healthcare grants (thats free money for you Holden & Chatham residents) from the federal gov't. Gimme $17M in fed'l money and Ill show yo a Worcester success story.........gimme $317M and I'll show you another gov't subsidized success called Evergreen Solar...so successful they completley blew off Mass-H+le-chusetts for China.

How untterly disconnected from real business formation & success could this letter writer possibly be? Reminds of CDC chieftans touting as a SUCCESS STORY beautiful, newly built, sewerage inundated, inner city residential construction, that costs $500 a sq ft to build and that does not even consider the land that they get for free or for short money

Anonymous said...

Don't ge me started...

Harry T