January 05, 2011

Dave Z

Jahn help me but didn't Dave Z bet that the demo at City Square would beging by January 1st???? 


David Z. said...

Demo has already begun at CitySquare but at this point it is interior demolition only. The demolition that everyone will be able to see gets underway in earnest this month. And look for many more announcements on new businesses and retail for CitySquare!

Jahn said...

Not sure Bill what the bet was. Bill, can you search teh blog archives using key words, like Demo Dave Jahn?

January 1st does sound familiar.

Did DZ pay that last bet yet? Last I knew he had lost and I thoughht he hadnt paid ?.

Please correct me If I am wrong

If this place is coming down in January I'd expect to see the heavy equipment start mobilizing and on site soon very soon. I mean there s/b excavators with grapples, loaders, crushing and screening plant, dump trucks, dumpsters, maybe a crane. It does take time just to mobilize.

If this garage is coming down "in earnest this month" then word must be out on the street who demo contractor is. So who is it? Permits all pulled and paid??Not nec. the general, but demolition subcontractor and I would comjecture they'll be from outta town. This isnt your F&D, Demo Dawg, or Fred & Barney type undertaking. I would further conjecture they may set up shop right behind Notre Dame. Need to keep an eye on that site.

Bill Randell said...

Dave Z has never paid any of his debts to me. A common trait that many people (Marty Foley) has told me has plagued him over the years.

The scariest thing about Dave Z, however, is that since I have been roller skating with my daughter at Skylite in Webster Square is that he is revered there as some sort of Saint. On a serious note--they love him there.

On another serious note, Zimage has lost another bet. With that EMC now trading at 23+.


David Z. said...


I would have to look at your archives but I believe you waived all of my debts about CitySquare.

And why don't you and your daughter come some Tuesday night for Skylight's Family Night to see the "legend" in action! :)

Bill Randell said...

Dave Z

I go every Saturday with my daughter. Skylight has a great program for teaching.

Drop my daughter off at noon for an hour lesson wiht Gary then I can meet her at 1 for open skate. Highly recommend to all parents.

Will try to stop by some Tuesday night