January 26, 2011


Couple items...  

1)  building being torn down at Kelly Square--anyone know anything about that?
2)  on Southbridge Street in Auburn, after Sword, new Rite Aid.   This 1/2 mile section has seen Polar build a huge addition, Atlas add to their warehouse, a plumbing company on Gold Street in Worcester move here, a brand new credit union (forget name) and now Rite Aid.  But the Commercial Tax Rate doe snot attract business over the line from Worcester?


David Z. said...

The building being torn down at Kelley Square is the former auto parts store at the intersection of Harding and Green Street that relocated to the old "Maurice the Pants Man" location.

A few years back it was rumored that McDonald's wanted to locate there. IMHO, that would be a disaster and not the best and most appropriate use for that location.

Anonymous said...

"doe snot"? Sounds gross.

Jahn said...

Hey David, good to see you and I agree with you McD's there would be a nightmare.

For some reason I was in that part of town on Monday and noticed this demo job on what I think was General Automotive Supply building. Stopped into the bakery on Water St for one of their huge, thick choc. chip cookies. Great midday sugar fix. Buy Local :)

And david I didnt know they had moved to the Maurices site. Good to know that.

So......David you know how I am sometimes. :) I have not been passed Worc center in a week or two. When I did last pass that way I saw what appeared to be demolition debris being brought out of teh old boiler room area behind ND church. Have the huge machines started on the exterior of the garage? I swear CM Mike said we'd see the garage demo b4 .
January passed.

BTW has anyone seen or heard from Canal District Afficianados of late? Last week I think read a piece about the Blackstoned Valley Visitor Center not going where it was originally planned. Seems, allegedly kids playing with matches ended that particular sites BVVC prospects??

Jahn said...

Dont you just love it when the T&G has local leaders weigh in on Obamas speech last night.

Pasted & copied right from the T&G, here's the list of 6 local leaders interviwed:

1. Richard B. Kennedy, president and CEO, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce;

2. Mark P. Bilotta, CEO, Colleges of Worcester Consortium;

3. Alexandra E. McNitt, executive director, Central Mass South Chamber of Commerce, Sturbridge.

4. Kevin O'Sullivan, president and CEO, Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives;

5. Dr. George Abraham, specialized medicine, Worcester;

6. Matthew Beaton, State rep R-Shrewsbury.


a. can anyone guess what my complaint is here re: what is missing in the choice of the 6 leaders or

b. in the alternate can anyone determine a common demoninator with 5 of the 6 leaders...maybe even all 6 of them or

c. Hows does teh T&G define a local leader.

Anonymous said...

I hear it was condemned so they are tearing it down. Supposedly, no plans to build anything new at this time...

Eric K.
Worc., MA

Unknown said...

Regarding the canal district people (the business association and other, random people like me) - they meet every Wednesday at noon at Hotel Vernon for a luncheon. If you're around, stop by and hear all the gossip! I am always upset when I miss the lunches because there is usually something interesting being spoken about in Worcester, whether near Kelley Square or beyond. Did you visit Widoff's bakery? They make the best cake.

Worcester is developing. Talking with Paulie on Facebook this morning, it's still not enough of the right kind of development. I definitely support the idea of the yellow moon cafe.

Bill Randell said...


You are right . It was condemnded a few years ago and they starved off the demolition. Supposedly working on plans to develop??

Evidently that did not work out and now they are tearing it down. Have not heard any plans for development.


T-Traveler said...

Sea J's Seafood & Grill. 205 Hope Ave has closed

Scott Z said...

The Bumper to Bumper building being torn down has a lien on it---the McDonald's scenario is not happening...as of now there is no development going in there immediately.

Jahn said...

Hannah, TY for lettign me know the status of teh Canal district people & their periodic meeetings.

Re: the project itself, what's the word? Assuming thsi is going to require mucho dinero from Washington Dc to pull it off.........whats the outlook? I also havent seen nor heard from Mr F. in ages???

Also I have advocated time & again the the BVVC should be located in the Blackstone Valley Canal Disrtict Focal point which IMo would be Worc's Canal district. So I wonder what will happen as re: the current site that was just razed?