January 11, 2011

Diane Williamson

Jahn, I disagree with you on this one.  I think the shooting of the Congresswoman and the killing of, what is it?, 6 other people deserve all the attention that it is getting.    To that point, let me give out a big KUDOS to Diane Williamson and her story today.

Upon hearing of the shooting I had no idea if the Congresswoman was a Democratic or a Republican, but what difference did that make.  Actually I think it was yesterday when I was on Facebook and I saw a comment on of Kate Toomey's entries (not from Kate obviously but one of her friends) blaming the whole incident on Sarah Paulin.  Are you kiddin me? 

Read Diane W today--great column.

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Jahn said...

LIke I said, I tend to expect my opinion on this issue to be controversial.

Difference of opinion is what makes the horses run. Dogs, too except in Mass. Diffreences in who your employer is what makes or doesnt make the the flags fly at 1/2 mast.

I cant think of any time a so called public figure was critically wounded and the flag was run 1/2 way down the pole. I also cannot think of 6 non public figures killed in a massacre for whom the flag was placed at 1/2 mast. Maybe someone can jog my memory, if there was such an occurrance?

Also.... Thanx for mentioning Lady Di. Jogged my memory. I have not read todays newspaper. MAybe I s/b at wake right now and I am not even aware of it. :(.

I do have compassion and empathy, contrary to what some may think, but when tragedy strikes I am tired of diff. strokes for diff folks depending on who your employer is.