January 12, 2011

Evergreen Closing Massachusetts Plant

Evergreen's 2008 move to Devens was fueled by some $58 million in state grants and financial incentives, a plan that was contingent on Evergreen maintaining certain employment levels for years thereafter.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like my ESLR shares are worthless now... :-(

Harry T

Anonymous said...

...I should have invested in Allegiant stock instead...

Harry T

David Z. said...

Actually Harry the shares will probably be worth more than ever. They're taking production to China wheich means no work for Americans but much higher profits for the shareholders.

It's the new American way of doing business.

Jahn said...

David, after reading today about the Illinios democratic state legislature raising state personal income tax being from from 3% to 5%...a mere 66% increase and corportate tax being raised by similar amts........well I like to call thsi not the "new AMer way of doing business"....but instead the continued democratic way of doing business. Scuttle butt has it Illinios is going broke funding state and municpal 80% defined benefit pensions & retire health ins. cost

Then I think back to earlier this morning and am I wheeling down Grove St in the Jahn-mobile ('76 Buick Electra tank) and WTAG news is telling me how being a good neighbor entails shoveling out mailboxes and firehydrants. So I get the red light at Grove & Lancaster sts and I look to my right and in the fire station parking lot are 5 FF'ers shootin' the breeze...one of em at teh wheel of a 101 ton Ford expedition cheufeurring around one of the district chiefs. WTH does the BS end with thsi kind of featherbedding

This fire dept featherbedding is worse than when the railroads went from stream fired external combustion engines with a guy (boilerman) shoveling coal into them all day to internal combustion engines needing no coal shoveling boilman, yet the RR union still mandated boilermen on diesel powered locomotives.

TradeCarbonCredits said...

Hey Deval and Timmy,

How is that StealTheGreen Solar deal working out for you?

There is no green economy in the USA, it only helps China.