January 06, 2011

Womag Pharmasphere Part 2

I think it is great that WoMag covered this.    Let me ask you a question why does everyone interview the Executive Director of the South Worcester Neighborhood Center.  Maybe because of the South Worcester Industrial Task Force?

I have participated on the task force and it has not power at all.   They meet every once in a while to get updates, but has absolutely no say in anything.  In fact when an RFP was put out, the task force had no input whatsoever in reviewing the bids. 

In this city, when a reporter is oding a story they are programmed to go to the same people over and over and over again.  I personally would have loved to weigh in on this and  are the two questions that I would have asked the reporter to ask the City of Worcester Economic Development Office:
  1. Why haven't we already put together a new RFP, when the LDA expired this past September?
  2. Who is paying the interest on the 2,500,000 HUD loan that the City of Worcester took out on behlaf of Pharmasphere?

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Steve Foley said...

3. Where are the proceeds from the $2,500,000 HUD loan that the City of Worcester took out on behalf of Pharmasphere?