January 29, 2011

Massport changes

Boston Herald story... 

Mullen on the board now and Kinton may be out.   We have a great representation from Worcester now at MassPort.  All good news for ORH.  

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Jahn said...

Bill, I am not so sure thathaving a Worc native on the MAssport BOD is going to do allthat much for us.

Did you catch "the denial w/o an accusation" in todays T&G re: an access road. I am not sure the issue was even raised and a quasi denial, tap dance was being done about the ROAR issued. Always kind a makes scratch my head.

I suggest to T&G readers that Massport has eminent domain powers. I do not know that they extend to raodbuilding, but I'll betcha they extend to airport expansion.