January 17, 2011

Worcester Business Journal

Has a good story on the possibility of taxing larger apartment buildings commercially.   Click here. 

After reading it, it seems like the chances of this happening are remote, which I had thought especially since we would need to file a Home Rules petition.    Chamber quote:   “Nobody is committed that this is the right thing to do,” he said. “...We’re committed to looking into it.”

The mere fact that the City of Worcester is even looking into this sends the wrong message out to people, that we want to invest in Worcester, to come to Worcester!!

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Jahn said...

"Palmieri said it’s important to look further into the ownership of the city’s large apartment buildings. The question of whether owners can afford a tax increase, and whether they’d pass it on to tenants, may depend on factors including whether they’re individuals or corporations and whether they have large mortgages."

The above, taken from this story, says it all about how clueless some members of teh city council are.


a. Pilot Payment &

b. No Water Payments &

c. No Shovel

Palmieri says that any rent increase passed on to tenants depends on whether the owners are individual or corporations or whether they have mortgages. Priceless and clueless.

Why does this coucilor get so much press and radio time. I never understood it, except maybe fellow country get some affirmative action type treatment.