January 03, 2011


The fact their State tax credits were revoked--did it ever make the Worcester Telegram???    Deadline at the end of the month,although LDA expried September 1st of last year. 

What do you think will happen at the end of this month? 

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Jahn said...

I got a sawbuck that says the city doesnt pull the plug on Jan 31st.

So no one can tell me where JJ is at?

Elmer in todays T&G:

"For most of the summer and fall, the congressman was campaigning at a breakneck pace, fending off attacks from Republican real estate lawyer Martin A. Lamb, while trying to characterize Mr. Lamb as a radical conservative. He spent more than $2 million in his re-election bid, while Mr. Lamb spent a little more than $107,000."

“It was the toughest political climate I've ever experienced,” Mr. McGovern said."

Mr Mcgovern says it was tough political climate....surely he jests..............imagine what kinda climate warming he would have experienced if he had any real competition besides a bust out, broke, bloke, barrister looking for a job; who only had $107,000 to fend off Jims $2,000,000.

Anymore heat in the kitchen and Jim would have call teh Climate Change/Chaos folks( f.k.a. Global Warming).

Priceless or the best seat that money can buy?

Jim could be even more vulnerable come 2012 if some real competition steps up to the plate with some serious money behind him (her)....or........fall river or taunton get gerrymandered outta his district.

Hey how about Glodis and Mcgovern go head to head in 2012 and cannabalize each other.....leaving a republican to win...