January 04, 2011

Commerce Bank

I know there were some comments to this effect, but I just want to confirm Commerce to go in to the location of the old Friendly's on Lincoln Street.  


J said...

I know aguy working on the job............Commerce is the word altho oddly enuff you'd think that folks who made a living in sales would be savvy enuff to erect a sign of what's coming.

Maybe it's illegal to place such a sign?

Free Fribble if open a new checking account at the new Lincoln St. branch.

Park ave Branch will offer free Awful Awfuls across the street at Newport Creamery :)

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO !!!! Free Fribble and Free Awful Awful ... absolutely CLASSIC!!!

Thanks for the good laugh...

Harry T

David Z. said...

Jahn you really need to get out your bunker more often. The Newport Cramery on Park Avenue has been closed "forever". In fact there is a Boston Market where it used to be.

Jahn said...

David, that's why I put a smiley face after my Awful Awful comment.

My memory seesm to be that Frendlys also had Awful Awful's which were a kinda of heavy frappe probably loaded with more ice cream than a fribble...........however someone else also told me that Newport creamery "invented" them

Regardless...agreeed that Newport at Park & Gold Star no longer exists..........and gooollllly gee...how many Freindlys has Worc lost? Three I can think of Lincoln St, Downtown and Grafton St.

David, any news on the demo at City Sq. I am wondering if they've paid for their demo permit yet. It has to be a rather decent sized permit fee. .04% of the total job cost?...or do they get non profit type treatment on city Sq fees?

Bill, let us not foget to check on the sewer permit fee when they finally start the Hand It Over Restaurant. I dont wanna see these folks agian bowing at he taxpayer altar for more giveaways from the city.

Also Bill, you hearing any grumblings from property owners who rec'd their bills these last few days. My instincts tell me here will be blanket denials of abatement requests.

David Z. said...

Last I checked, Grafton St. Friendly's was still going strong.

I think you may have meant the one on Highland Street which was located at the site of the present Honey Farms and Gas Station.

Talk about very poor urban planning when that was approved by the city.

Jahn said...

David, ill be out of my Bunker on June 19th. BunkerHill day

David Z. said...

LOL! Good one Jahn!