January 20, 2011

Regis Field Hockey Team

Got an e-mail from their coach today.  They have a group of 21 flying out of Worcester to play 10 games in Florida. 

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Jahn said...

Well speaking of schools, has anyone read the T&G this afternoon online?

T&G reports that teachers at Goddard School coached students taking teh MCAS exam......but the worse part is that the CEO of teh school dept, who is supposed to be breathing new life into Worc public schools, tap dances all around the issue.

I tell ya...........i HAVE about had it with BS i see emanting from the city of Worcester.

All teachers involved s/b called on the carpet, given their final paycheck immediately, & their keys taken and then temporaily stripped of their teaching credentials.

Let' see what happens

Kate....anxious to hear from you on this w/o re: to i f you"re a City C'or or a school committee member To do nothing = being complicit with cheating Thanx