January 28, 2011


Weren't there suppose to be a January 31st deadline????   


Nicole said...

Another question: isn't the lease supposed to be up on the old Price Chopper building on Mill Street? (And aren;t we due an update on that?)

Jahn said...

Nicole, my fine feathered, blogging, senorita amigo........

WHo is due an update on the Price Chopper old site? The city?

Seems to me Mike Obrien told the T&G we'd see teh parking garage coming down in January. For 101st time this week, no one has driven past there of late? I maybe takign that route this afternoon. Let's hope I can remember to take a gander at it.

Last I saw, there was equipm. there with NASDI written on the boom. They are big time Demo guys from Allston...(last I knew).