January 18, 2011

City Council

Pharmasphere?  Think they will come up tonight.  I say lets give them a micro-loan so they hire someone to clear their walks. 


Anonymous said...

check out the city's comment


#73734 sidewalk blocked with snow, 79-99 Gardner St And canterbury st, Worcester

Nick said...

Great one Bill!

Jahn said...

A moment of silence for 2 private sector employees, a truck driver and his striker, killed in Douglas this morning on their way to work

Unusual and truly sad circumstances....both were employed at Goya foods in Webster and were on their way to work when they allegedly lost control of their car and then hit a Goya delivery truck headed in the other direction.

Will there be flags flown at 1/2 mast? No, b/c they were not public safety workers.

Will all their fellow truckers from across the country come to their funerals? No, because they have to work and are not allowed personal days for such an occurence.

Will flags be draped across the main thorough fare of their communities? No.

Will Deval and Tim be in attendance at their funerals? No way Jose'

Tommorow: My beef about the general type of people who are selected by Visions Worc (or what ever it is called) to be award recipients for all they do for Worc and their community.

Jahn said...

Changed my mind. Todays beef is the title of a letter to the editor as follows:

"Hanover Theatre a Great Gift to Community"

I'd like to change that title to:

"Hanover Theatre a Great Gift FROM Community.