January 05, 2011

Linear Air

Great press

On another note, I hate to agree with Jahn but I am disppointed and surprised that MassPort has not been any to bring any more commercial service to Worcester since the take over?   Still confident, however, this will happen.  


Anonymous said...

You're confident? Why?

David Z. said...

Anonymous why are you not confident? Massport assumes ownership of Worcester Regional Airport which is a perennial money loser and they don’t want to attract more air traffic so they can turn a profit??

I agree with Bill & Jahn. I had thought by now that Massport would have at the very least made improvements to the signage in/out of the airport and we would have already heard about other airlines coming to Worcester.

Jahn said...

I been asking this since last summer and Will please go back & check.

I asked it agin very recently..in the last 2 weesk I think. If my memory is correct, I asked about how we're doing up there now that the holiday season is (was) in full swing . i got no responses..

No one sprung for my Farma- shpere bet either.....a mere token sawbuck bet.

I mean how much longer is teh city going to allow farma to plow us? Dittos for Massport at teh airport.

And In keeping with Wills Gung Ho C. of C. & T&G themes................where in Lords name are inquiries from teh Chamber and the T&G about progress at teh airport?

Donde's Nick??

Paul Shea said...

Just because air carriers are wanted at Worcester Regional Airport doesn't mean that the carriers want to come to the airport. I'm sure Massport is making every effort but it might be a losing battle.

Jahn said...

Also wTH is the city council on this? Too busy deferring the tax rate issue until Dec 21 when everyone has flown from ORH to Fla.

Jahn said...

Of Pols, Theatricality, & Synthetic Heroism:

From Webster's Amer Heritage Dictionary of the Anglais Lauguage Houghton Mifflin & Company 1969:

(Real Heroes) "2. Any man noted for his feats of courage or nobility of purpose; especially, one who has risked or sacrificed his life"

Sorry folks there is real heroism which is often done quietly behind the scenes and out of the public spotlight and w/o fanfare...kinda like how real charity is done. Then there is something called theatre.

Note how the definition says any man........I assume they mean women, too.