January 22, 2011

Bill may be filed to allow states to declare bankrupcty

We seen this coming

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Jahn said...

So I am in Marlboro this morning. I head back home and I see a MFD truck stopped at curbside or should I say at teh side of huge snow bank at the curb .....two jakes jump out snow shovles in hand............Jake the driver stays with vehicle lights ablazing b/c this is right on Rte 85. (almost as bad a spot as Pleasant St inbound at Meadowbrook drive)

The 2 jakes go at the snowbank and lo and behold after multiple shovelfuls of snow out pops a fire Hydrant.

As i drive past I chuckle to myself...........this fire hydrants is right in front of police station.

So fellas after after yesterday my cahonnes ...they be a draggin' and then the carpel tunnel licked at about 300 am this morning (no X rated comments please)

where in lords name are the muscle bound jakes of the WFD that i see in the pin up calendar(s). Sleeping off thier last 16 hour gig plowing out private driveways??????? :).

That these jakes in Worc dont shovel out every single fire hydrant is gad dam shame and everyone knows it.

or maybe on the otehr hand it isnt a good idea to roust sleeping bears snuggle din their mid january, mid night caccoons..........as enraged sleeping bears have propensities to injure their backs??

Anonymous said...

Austerity finally catches up with the USA. Just look at what has happened with the P.I.I.I.G.S. in Europe over the last couple of years: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Greece and Spain.

It was only a matter of time before it came to our shores.

Harry T

Anonymous said...


How could you miss the Red Baron closing on Main Street and being re-incarnated into Jak's Pub?


Harry T

jpm01609 said...

What if, say, Athol-Orange declared bankruptcy? Would that then allow an appointed judge to reorganize the new Ath-ange district with a single police dept, one school district and so on?