January 06, 2011

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Baffling quote from Ron Charetter, Executive Director of the South Worcester Neighborhood Center.  

“What we all learned here is that when we get more companies interested, there needs to be more assurances put forward by the city with better and stronger time tables and restrictions,” Charette points out.

Huh??? More assurance put forward by the city???  The City took out a 2.5 million    HUD loan and allowed the bidder to tie up this property for three years without putting up any money or paying any real estate taxes.  

What we learned here is that you need to follow the terms of the actual RFP and not allow an LDA (Land Disposition Agreement) be executed that gives a winning bidder 2 years to geth their act together without having to put up one dime.   

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Nicole said...

Bill -- can you explain what the difference is between an LDA and an RFP? Thanks!