January 04, 2011

Chamber of Commerce

Think a press release clarifing their position on the commercial taxation of "much larger" apartment buildings would be in order...

Let me ask you a question.   Lets say you own a condo in a "much larger" building and rent it out, should it be taxed residentially or commercially?


Anonymous said...


Jahn said...

And then there's the DPW..........forget about May/Main St sewer linne for a minute...or maybe this issue is the city councils doing, too?


T&G today reports that DPW has been working on a policy that will allow sidewalk "memorials" for a temporary 30 day period.

Man I am BULL++++. So per city laws & DPW policy I am suppopsed to clear my sidewlk of ice and snow w/in 8 hours of a snow storms end and then........... associates, friends, relatives, bad guys, ne'er do wells, etc of a slain gangbanger type can come by my UNIMPEDED sidewalk and PURPOSEFULLY be allowed to legally place an an impediment on it for 30 GOD DAM DAYS. I MEAN WHAT THE ++++ is this city thinking?

A "memorial" of beer cans, Jack Daniels bottles, bloodied T-shirts....I mean WTF kinda memorial is this? Anywhere else this would be deemed illegal dumping. Imagine a bad guys memorial over on Tennis Court Lane in the Montvale district and potential homebuyers are scoping out houses for sale in the area. I mena come folks....thsi BS is a from of legalized graffitti.......oooops sorry it's Urban Expressive Art.

And we just passed a new sign ordinace to control so called urban blight?

Then they tell me over on Cambridge St that I have to take the flowers off my alcoholic uncle Shamus O'Grady's gravesite by Nov 15th or possibly face sanctions?

ASK ME IF I AM BULL++++ when i see this kind of bovine fecal matter passing for city policy.




All this on top of my tax bill coming yesterday.

Jesus, Mary & Jose', if i wanna place a dumpster on the side walk for 7 days, never mind 30 days, I have to jump through all kinds hoops and SIGNMAN you should know what it Cost to block the sidewalk per day both in terms of permits, police details, and wasted time puliing the dam permits. The grieving only have to inform the DPW of the memorial...no permits, no money paid, no police details and dare I ask since when do certain demographics even bother to follow the societys criminal rules never mind the civil rules & procedures.

OMG I cant make this up Word Verification: "thedem"


PO'ed Jahn said...

Memorials(M) must be "reasonable size". Now I quit law school after 1 semseter...but what in Lords name is reasonable...are "reasonable sized" signs allowed anywhere

"M's cant impede.......sidewalk activities...including walking.
Impede: to obstruct, block hinder. How on gods name can a M not impede walking?

"They (M's) must not present a hazard" Liquor bottles and T-shirts tainted with HIV(?) blood arent hazards. Now imagine a M that is 50 ft away from an elementary school. Can you say: "Its for the children"

"they cant impeded....maintanence":
so how does one shovel teh snow & ice from under a M?

The M must be removed w/in 30 days. Right!!!!!!!!!!! and politcal bumper sticker must be removed from utility poles w/in 30day !!!!!

M if not removed w/in 30 days, DPW will remove it. Wonder who will pay for the DPW to remove it?
Meadowbrok lane folks must be fuming when they see this kinda baloney.

Then the grief stricken are practically given tenants rights. DPW will hold any items they remove for 2 weeks, after which such items will be discarded. Only thing missing here is that the DPW doesnt have to have a state bonded, certified warehouseman hold the items.

NoW the topper....."Babs HAller is pleased....policy...put forward..it's ...gray issue". Hey Rickey ..what would your constituents say if you stated you were pleased with such a policy

So let's make a list of the places we'd like to see a GangB'er Memorial:
a. City Hall Plaza
b. Hand It Over Theatre Sidewalk
c. 224 Chandelier St
d. Upper Pleasant st abutting Meadowbrook drive.
e. Mechanics Hall
f. DCU Center ( during Democratic convention)
g. The Common ( skating rink?)
h. Site of City Plaza II groundbreaking ceremony
i. Tim Murrays street (recently murdered parolees only)
j Did I miss any?

Lastly keep in mind and I quote "M is a temporary privilege and not a right" Interesting...I think I'll need a temporay privilege to impede Park Avenue on March 17th. Wonder if Pualie could secure any such temporay FREE priviliges for his NOLA Fest?

Jahn said...

And ya really wanna see 2 permanent memorials....next time you're on 495 at Rte 111 look to your right........THERE is A PERmanent memorial (not huge tho) to "Jumpin' Jack Flash"..........BOTH north bound & southbound lanes a separate memorial..........

so I've always wonndered to myself........where exactly did Jump Jack Flash buy the farm?......north or south bound lane........i concluded maybe he died on the wide, treed median strip that 495 has thdsu a memorial on each side of highway?

I have also wondered just who Jumpin Jack Flash was? My SWAG is a biker (a.k.a. as Donors at u local emergency wards) 2nd guess was... a British rock star...3rd guess a 224 resident

Jahn said...

Clive and Nick should both write pieces pro & con (no multiple puns intended) on this topic.

Landlords & Meadowbrookers should march on city hall concerning this topic. Skip the basketballs & Hockeys sticks....snow shovels will suffice

Steve Foley said...

Bill, the "much larger" applies to the apartments themselves, and not the buildings.

Much larger apartments are obviously three or more bedrooms.

So if you call the third bedroom a study, you pay the lower residential rate.

David Z. said...

From the Worcester Business Journal (1/3/11), an article by Richard Kennedy making a passing reference to this issue.


Anonymous said...

jumpin jack was a truck driver who saved a lot of lives by taking his truck off the road rather than into a bunch of cars that had been involved in an accident in front of him