January 11, 2011

City Council tonight

Wish list

  • Micro-bust story
  • Pharmasphere deadline
  • Pharamsphere HUD loan, are we paying interest on that loan? 
  • May-Main sewer work--who is paying
  • Mason-Winfield project


David Z. said...

The chance of getting any of this information is about as likely as city residents getting a pass on the snow shoveling ordinance after tomorrow's storm.

On a related note, Julie Jacobson has finally inked her contract with Auburn. Details in today's T&G


She starts on January 31st. IMHO; she will use the onerous business tax rate in Worcester against her former employer as much as she can in bringing development to Auburn. Hopefully the CC will continue trying to close the gap so things such as the micro-loan program aren’t necessary.

Jahn said...

Did I see a similar list for Christmas?

Drove by Mason st the other day. First time in awhile. Unreal.....300 ft weeds.......unsightly dirt piles......unsholveled sidewalk obstructed with leaning/toppled fence sections.....other things i cant recall.

Last I read on here they were hauled to court. Result?

And City the solicter tells former district city councilor "Treehouse" who is complaining about the condition of city owned property in his neighborhood that there are, and I paraphrase, "other venues or other means or other procedures" to address niuisiance concerns about city owned properrty which city owned property is exempt from the nuisnace ord.

Notice how city solicitor did not list what the other options are for pursuign this matter.

Kudos to the housing court judge for allowing former city councloor "Treehouse" to refile his claim, as he initially filed the claim using the nuisance ord. I have to beleive that CC "Treehouse" knew the niusnace ord didnt apply, but just wanted to at least shed some lighght on the situation.

ANd BTW, the city solictor has to handle thsi kinda mundane complaint agaisnt the city? I would think that whoever is the junior member of the law dept woulda handled this?? No disrespect intended to the low man on the totem pole at the city law office.

Do as I say not as I do

Bill Randell said...

Dave Z & Jahn:

I am in agreement. Maybe Shaun or Nick will help their readers get answers to some of these questions?


Jahn said...

Why is the flag at Police headquaters at half mast today?

Did Worc fly flags at half mast when the kids at the school in VA were shot dead..........dittos for other school shootings.........wasnt there one in CO as well as others? How about the constr workers (6?) killed in the Ct gas explosion at a power plant under constr about a year ago in Middleton (?) Ct. Did Worc fly their flags at half mast for that?

FWIW I am not w/o compassion.......but anytime a civilian gov't. employee is killed or even wounded in the line of duty, why do we instinctively go to 1/2 mast?. Why are civilian gov't employees so special? Why do they "serve" and rest of us peons are merely "employed"

Do we go to 1/2 mast when , for example, a soldier from VT. or RI is killed in the Middle East? Not that I know of.

Jahn said...

Evergreen Solar, another textbook case right out of The University of Worcester Business School :) demonstrating why gov't should stay the hell out of private business financing.

There is neither any Ever nor any Green that will ever accrue to the taxpayers of Mass....Frankly they s/b called EverRed b/c that's all the taxpayers will ever see from this botched, red ink fiasco.

From the T&G:

"Evergreen Solar, with headquarters in Marlboro, broke ground at the Devens property in September 2007, and completed the plant in two phases with the aid of $58 million in state grants, tax incentives and loans."

"Evergreen Solar has a 50-year lease at Devens for 23 acres at $1 a year. The Massachusetts Development Finance Agency, which owns the property, entered into a 20-year tax increment financing agreement with the company, where Evergreen Solar was to pay the state an estimated $31 million in taxes over the life of the agreement, and be exempted from another $15.1 million that it would have paid without the TIF, according to the agency."