January 30, 2011


Maybe it is the snow, but today I am extremely frustrated.  You know what would make happy?  How about the City Council get answers to any of these questions this week?

  1. Pharmasphere deadline
  2. Who is paying for all the sewerage work on Main and May Street
  3. Review of the land RFP's the past five years to see if any are in compliance
  4. Mason Street parcel
  5. HUD loan for Pharmasphere- who is paying the interest on it?
If we could get answers to even just one of these questions, that would be nice.     On the development side, Cristo's on Stafford Street.   I see some work being done there.  Anyone know anything.  


    Anonymous said...

    Zorba's from Charlton , Ma is opening a 2nd location at the old Christo's ...

    Harry T

    Signman said...

    New restaurant...good Greek family with restaurant experience openings it. gut it down to the shell.Should be good and I bet the city did not give them any breaks....But they will be right there to collect the business real estate tax.

    Jahn said...

    Figures Harry would know where a new restaurant is going in...especially with Greek owners. Good man Harry !!!!!

    Bill, you need to add the The Hand It over Theatre Restaurant to that list.

    Did anyone catch Mr Nemeth today re: Becker Jr College. Robert was fallign all over himself with kudos for the new CEO of Becker.

    I told you a couple weesk ago.......look for Becker to go to BeaCON hILL BANGIN' THEIR TIN CUP FOR FUNDING for this so called Video Game Programming intiative that will supposedly supplement Beckers venture into video game programming.

    The Becker president is quoted in T&G saying:

    "My dad taught me to workhard, dont feel entitled to anything, dont quit or use excuses and dont walk over others. If you want something and are willing to work to achieve it, go for it, and it will come".

    So???????? The Becker president comes to Mass and immediately is looking for state subsidies in the form of my tax dollars for this so called Becker Vidoe game programming Initiative. This is called "walking all over me" by usurping my tax dollars.

    Sorry but i see these actions as completely contrary to what he espouses in his above quote.

    Would anyone here like to be in the private industry video game programming space and then have a state gov't susidized vidoe game programming initiative competing against them?

    What shall we call this new Becker intiative.......Elm Park Community Video Gaming Development?

    This entire idea is dead wrong. Let the Becker grads go out and compete in the open market programming business. The college umblical cord s/b cut upon graduation.

    We do not need a Worcester equivalent of Never Green Solar.

    Steve Foley said...

    I suspect the city council already has those answers, but choose to keep them private.

    Have you considered a Freedom of Information Act request? (Or the local equivalent)

    jahn said...

    Just go to the city online check book....right.......nope WRONG.

    What isnt being said is that there is no such thing as THE city check....only A city check book.

    What we're seeing online is only a city check book which iss only one of many, many ck. books the city operates from.

    Ask to see teh bank acct activity for the acct where all your sewer hook up fees goes.....that may well give u your answer.

    Shame on Mike Obrien for lack of ANY & ALL CHECKBOOK ACTIVITY online. iS IT A START......YES......IS IT IF FULL DISCLUOSRE..........only if you also believe Obama when he says u can keep your current Health care ins. compnay and your doctor

    Jahn said...

    I been waiitng 2-3 weeks for the annual mid winter standing T&G headline.........KIND like how a certain T&G letter writer gets ink 4-5x a year about Worcester low income ghettos growth & associated problems....so here it is folks on the last day of Janvier.


    I dint even read it...why bother....wonder if it sais as it often does that the city averages 55 inches of snow everywinter but only budgets for 30 inches.

    Bill, if your mortgage totals 12,000 a year do u budget 6,000 annually for it and then ask Uncle Deval and Timmy for a snow bailout??....and then in June Timmy & Deval stop into Worcester with Tobby the Lab. in tow and do a photo op with the $5M snow baliout check..........proably taken from the followign states fiscal yrs. budget.

    If we get another 15 -20 inches of sno this weeek...should the council declare a moratoruim on all sidewalk shoveling??

    Steve Foley said...

    Jahn wrote: "If we get another 15 -20 inches of sno this weeek... should the council declare a moratoruim on all sidewalk shoveling??"

    Nah... The council will declare that the residents must shovel the streets abutting their property within ten hours...

    Think of the savings!!!

    Jahn said...

    STeve the sad part is that often is how gov'ts advance their agendas. The sidewalk shoveling is the proverbial camels nose under the the tent. Next up we'll be responsible for sidewalk paving, then for sunken curbstones being reset, then for busted manhole covers in front of our houses.

    IMO, the insurance companies will eventually approach the state house and push for a comprehensive state wide law re: this issue that is not so far reaching as to have us responsible for ice formation, "foreign" deposited snow, and the like. I dont have a problem doing the sidewalks but we need a hell of alot more time than 10 hrs.........s/b something like w/in 48 hrs of the end of the storm and only for storm deposited snow and not for ice.

    And the firemen need to be mandated to clear out hydrants. I mean come on !!!!!!! What could be a more pressing public safety issue esp. when all too often we got warm bodies hangin' around doing nuttin'

    David Z. said...

    PharmaSphere Deal is cancelled. Story in today's T&G.


    David Z. said...

    Another article about this from boston.com