January 13, 2011

Illinois tax increase

Is this a preview of what is to come to Massachusetts? 

Illinois lawmakers approved a 66 percent increase in the state’s income tax. Once Gov. Quinn signs the measure into law, state income taxes will increase to 5 percent from 3 percent.

A 2-percentage point tax increase in Illinois will essentially cancel out any benefits from the Obama reduction in payroll tax for employees. Last December, Obama signed a measure to reduce the payroll tax rate to 4.2 percent from 6.2 percent, or 2 percentage points, scheduled to last one year.

The corporate tax rate also increased to 7 percent from 4.8 percent.


Jahn said...

Hey compared to Mass, Illinois is 35 years behind when it comes to raising taxes from 3% to 5%. Mass raised sales taxes from 3% to 5% back in the 1970's. Granted it is income taxes in Ill. and Sales taxes in Mass that got booted upward 3% to 5% but a tax is a tax is tax.

In a similar vein, i see in yesterdays T&G (1-13) the president of Becker Jr College was alloted 1/2 of the editorial page to vioce his opinions about college, govt, business, etc. All the usual buzz words like gov't, business, technolgy, college, partnering, etc were tossed around. Come on Mr College president stop tap dancing around the issue.

What is NEVER mentioned in the article is that The powers that be over at Becker evidently have, for lack of a better term, this educational niche for programming computer video games. This article is all posturing for gub'mint money to subsidize Beckers educational niche...but no where in the article is does anyone come out and say it.

Problem is Becker probably sees this private/public partnership called North Worcester gateway Park that WPI has or they see teh nexus to and the benefits from the Clark Univ/Main South CDC "parterning and now Becker comes bangin' their tin cup looking for a gubmint handout to either subsidize this educational endeavor and/or get into the video game business.

Well Becker has done a good job over there off Highland St keeping the area nice, but soorry no gubmint money to subsidize whatever it is Becker wants to do with video game programming education.

MArk my words we have not heard the last of this.

Jahn said...

The T&G's Brian Lee in Thursdays paper has a piece entilted something like this "The Complexities of Plowing Snow". He rides with a guy from the Dudley DPW...giving new meaning the term embedded reporter/journalist

Today's T&G (Fri) we have some Clive Jive on the same topic where a hired plow operator says how difficult snowplowing is to do.

Folks I can tell you from personal experience that snow plowing municipal streets:

a. can be trying,
b. that blizzard conditions are not nec. easy to operate in,
c. is boring as hell,
d. is repetive & mind numbing
e. it is often long hours
f. is often done at night
g. is tiring


If you sign up for a job, you take the good and the bad parts of it and suck it up.

You want difficult work take a job at UPS handling freight or take a job actually shoveling snow vs. plowing it or take a job landscaping.

Sorry but the labels the media puts on jobs, events, and/or people are just soooo far from factual and reality.

I was up early this morning and hopped in the Jahn Mobile and headed north. Tuned into Karyns Polito's cousin James..........seems i must have just missed a caller who evidently was all bent outta shape about being asked to volunteer to shovel out dog urinals if there is one nearby you.......shame on him for spewing such awful thots that teh firemen s/b doing this job.

Cousin James disagreed with the caller.....apparently b/c he feels the FF'ers have to be on call and ready to respond when needed and shoveling doggie urinals out would slow response time and (my insertion)it's not covered in the FF'er hazarous waste manuals. Priceless & very illogical of Cousin james.

Anonymous said...

Austerity... running amock in Europe, coming soon to the USA...

Harry T

Jahn said...

When is Councilor & attorney Rushton going to advise the Meandering Meadowbrookers Menage that maybe, and I say maybe, if they slice a 1" inch wide swath of their land off their backyards and then legally abandon it that they are then not deemed abutters.

End of Medowbrook issues for all? I am not sure, but it's worth a try? Surely if it's workable, a real estate attorney would consider this? Could it be all that easy?

If city then claims the abandoned narrow trip of land the homeowenrs can then just abandon another 1 inch piece.

Folks this 10 hr window to clear sidewalks is wholely inadequte. it s/b addressed NOW and not left in committee until next August at which point it gets deep sixed b/c all the Irish city councilors have headed to Cape Cod to start their re election bids for next Nov. by hob-nobboing and rubbing elbows at the Irish Village in South Yarmouth with all teachers who summer down there......opps I forgot....I heard the Irish Village is coming down to make way for retail outlets. Try O'Sheas in Dennisport

AND When will someone stand up and start blaming the city councilors who legislated this tortuous ordinance?

Sean Dacey said...

That's also on top of the privatization of parking services in Chicago, where prices have gone through the roof.

Bill Randell said...


Planning Board would never sign off on this. ANR (approval not required) are allowed only if they create legal lots.

Chopping of a small piece that abuts Pleaseant Street would not create a legal lot.


Anonymous said...

An interesting read...


Harry T
Worcester , MA

Jahn said...

Bill, doesnt that apply only if you subdivide & transfer? There's no transfer nor subdivision that attempts to create an undersized lot in my hypothetical.

Again Not sure if there is difference here, but I am advocating abandonment. If a transfer takes place after abandoment (unlikely here)....not my problem???

What wood RR say ?

Last few nights I been walking my hood. I cover 4-5 miles of city steeets during my walk. All are "sidewalk'ed" on at least one side..so I figure that's easily 7 miles of sidewalk.

a. 90% shlved as good as posble.
b. 5% were shvled poorly
c. 5% were not shvled
d. only 2 were shvled to 4' wide
e. NONE...thats NONE...NADA were shoveled to compliance with the ordinace.

So folks what does thsi say about teh shovleing ordinance? It is dam near impossible to be "sidewalk legal" in Worcester after a significant snow fall. And it is illegal to not be legal in Worcester :)

This ordinance HAS to be changed. The council, like most politicians go way overbaord sometimes and now they look to lay blame everywhere except with themselves.

A few T&G bloggers have noted that oterh municipalities allow 24 hr windowss and one allows 24hrs fromt eh first sunrise after the storms end.....if I am correctly remembering what i read

Flounder said...

Please sir may I have some more.

Dumb Ass Mass voters asked for it, you will get it. The graduated income tax (punish the hard working and successful folks) is what Deval has in store for all your plebs.

Elections come with consequences and more taxes.