January 01, 2011

May Street

Think the original cost was something like 16 million for approximately 50 units or about 320,000 per unit.   Now lets just say for round numbers the sewer costs on Main and May Street run another million so that brings the cost up to 17 million or 340,000 per unit.     As Jahn aslways likes to say lets add in the cost like providing a public school education to the children in these 49 units?   

The City of Worcester needs to stop providing grant money or helping developers get grant monies to build these developments.  People will say that it is "free" money, but in the end there are huge hidden costs.    The only time we should support any of these developments is if they have no more then 10% low to mod income.


Jahn said...

I wonder if The Worc Common Grd sewer line & pump that was apparently insalled on a temporary basis gets hit with either a separate assessment and/or is included with the total assessed value of this rehabbed old ebony & ivory factory.

On the other hand, what if the owner of the property that this sewer line is on gets hit with the assessment for it. I mean one way or the other this is either part of the real esate or personal property and as such s/b taxed by the city.

If it's being rented then it s/b hit with sales tax.

Jahn said...

O.T. but hey.......so ok folks we're 6 months into the Massport takeover up on airport hill

I'd like to see an itemized list of what Massport has accomplished thus far, especially as re: add'l commercial fights

Anyone know how the last 5 weeks holiday travel season has panned out up there?

Thanx for any updates.

Jahn said...

To the best of my knowledge we're looking at about 12-13,000 per pupil cost in Worcester.

Add in the add'l costs like add'l teachers aides, Short Yellow buses, school, free lunches, free breakfasts, free Ritalin, middle class school flight, and the incremental cost per student rises exponentially.