January 13, 2011

Pharmasphere Sidewalks

Don't know about the rest of you, I am beat today.    Picture above of the sidewalks around Pharmasphere. 


Anonymous said...

Jeff Barnard would be so proud of you, Bill! Did you snap any photos of Palmieri's sidewalks, too?

Harry T

Jahn said...

I am whooped, too. I do it by hand, I am still not done. Yes I am slow at it and I need to take breaks. Tomorrwo I shall finish.

I criss-crossed teh urban environs today. I Cant begin to tell you teh BS I see with private plows. I tell you there is a pile of snow at Plantation and Clarendon Sts, just a 1/4 mile from Hamilton & Plantation Sts that is a mile high. I have never seen it this high. SOme of it cannot be helped b/c its a wide intersection with nowhere else to put the snow. It is mostly the citys doing but it being a conjested 3 deckah 'hood w/limited parking, I saw 2 private plows pushing snow from 200 ft away into the pile. I came back by an hour later and the pile had ballooned faster than Worc's now deceased Balloon Man could fill at balloon at Highland & Park on March 17th.

Also saw the usual clowns walking the inner city areas with short pants on. One guy didnt even have any socks on, just sneakers and shorts.

Using my 12" work boot I measured a few spots and I was coming up with 23 to 26 inches in some and frankly I dont think it was drifted in those spots either.

I left one 60 ft sidewalk (the 23" one) completely shoveled along about 45 ft of its distance. Both ends I left unshoveled . Neither side walk beside mine was shovled and both ends of my 60 ft walk had been buried with plow 5ft+ windrows. I am only responsible for naturally ocurring snow fall, I dont care what some Boston judge says and for the life of me I do not understand how abutters can be held responsilbe for properrty tehy do not own.

Jahn said...

I should mention I saw a small grapple at Worc Center in the parking lot behind Notre Dame.

It looked to me like it was crushing up construction rubble that had been brought from the inside of teh old Worc center. I think the old boiler room is in that genral area.

The name on the boom was NASDI. To the best of my knowledge that is or used to be North AMerican Site Dev'ment, INc thwas is or was based ou tof Allston, right beside the Mass pike extension. My understanding has been they handle large demo jobs. Wonder if they are demolition contractor? David??

I Also noticed one of Lynch's excavators, but it had a bucket on it, not a grapple. Lynch is out of Millbury, North Smithfield RI, andFlamouth ( last I knew) and heavily into asphalt paving, site excavation/prep, and road building.

David, my bloogging buddy, give us an update. We've got exactly 11 work days left in January assuming MKL Empowerment day is an off day. I want to see exterior demo work begun in earnest.

I asked awhile back about the status of the new Hotel (Hampton INN?) off 290 at West Main St.. (a.k a. SJ Blvd). I am telling you, site work came to what appears to be a standstill about maybe Mid Oct. Site contractors equipment is sitting there idle all thsi time too.

FWIW the new hotel is only a 1/4 mi over the Worc/Shrews line so in some respects I consider almost Worcester.