January 23, 2011

Sunday Paper

One story today by Bronnie Kush regarding the possibility of taxing four or more units commercially, click here for the story.     I have discussed this before on the blog being a complete waste of time and effort.   Even if we were to get a Home Rules Petition approved, all anyone owning four or more units would be to convert them to condos and be taxed residentially again?  

Can Bronnie Kush ever write a story without a quote from Bill Breault?   I like Bill, although I don't agree with him all the time, but seriously does Bronnie Kush's rolodex have three phone numbers--the Chamber of Commerce, City Hall and the Main South Public Safety Alliance.   How about a quote from the Worcester Landlord Association, a realtor asking what effect this would have on this marker or maybe a phone call to the Mayo Group asking them what they think?

Sunday paper took me maybe 10 minutes to read?   I dont get it.   Paper needs more and better local stories not less. 


zed said...

I keep wondering when Nick K's "vacation" will be over.

Jahn said...

With all due respect, it is time for Mr Palmieri to move on or be removed from the city council.

For the life of my I do not understand why Jim Polito has Mr Palmieri on the air one morning per week. How about some airwaves neutrality and let a diff councilor on each week.

Jahn said...

Bill, also re T&G folks, do we really need the T&G telling us it's cold outside and to be careful...with a picture of Deval patrick front & center.

Let Deval worry about keeping Toby warm and we'll handle the winter cold the way we always do.

Whats next they call off school tomorrow b/c it's 2 degrees at 500am. It is winter, it is New England, it is on avaerge the coldest days of the year right now so please....everyone... suck it up.

Puxatwaney Phil in 2 short weeks :)

Jahn said...

Lest we forget, I seem to recall being told that by Jnanuary we'd see the parking garage coming down. Wonder what that demo permit cost, if anything?

ANyone driven by there lately.

I count 6 work days until Jan 31st.

Steve Foley said...

Bill Wrote: "Paper needs more and better local stories not less."

The newspaper is an obsolete product. Think about it. They print the news on paper, and set up a distribution network to deliver the paper to your house. You read the news then throw the paper in the trash. There's really no earthly reason to do that anymore.

D13 said...


I've wondered for the past few month why the T&G quotes you so much. No disrespect but you are a one trick pony, and offer very little to any debate. Like a broken record you tend to repeat yourself and misconstrue facts. Not to mention you are not an authority on an official to speak on any subject. Unless of course absentee landlord counts.

Bill by the way you may want to think about changing your home profile, as it says you are a life long resident of Worcester. Last I checked Holden wasn't part of Worcester just some food for thought.

At least Billy's rolled up his sleeves and fought for the community. Plus he's a three trick pony trick pony

In the likelihood this doesn't meet you approval for posting, at least take the things said to heart. If you do post it I give you "Kudos"

Anonymous said...

Mr D13, Bill has served to expose much of what needs to be fixed in Worcester.

He contributes significant amounts of his personal time toward bettering Worcester and this includes primarily urban, inner city Worcester. Sir, if you lived in Worcester, would you volunteer time and make donations to Holden causes?

I know in addition to his time, he contributes money to worthy, charitable endeavors that benefit Worcester.

Where is it writtten one should be an authority, an official or a Worcester resident to speak on Worcester issues? Ever hear of Julie Paxton? A gentleman on Peter Blute this morning said that our new school superintendant flies back home to Virginia every Friday evening, but yes she does live in Worcester.


Bill Randell said...


For the record, I did not criticize the leader of the Main South Public Safety Allinace, City Hall or the Chamber in this post.

My point of this post was the Bronnie Kush should have interviewed other sources, not me either.

Worcester Landlord Association, a realtor who specializes in 4+ units or the even the mayo Group. That was the point of that post.