January 31, 2011

Vallejo Ca. bankruptcy plan

Coming soon to a city or town near you???  



Steve Foley said...

Telegram Rant of the Day:

Line on www.telegram.com for "Complete list of closings and early dismissals" does not include Worcester Public Schools.

Anonymous said...


Harry T

Jahn said...

Steve, we needs few permanent dismissal over at Goddard.

Evidently it's OK to fudge the tests a littel bit in the hopes that Goddard will someday produce a rocket scientist.

Unbelievable, that this issue is being broomed.

And to think that I got booted outta St Johns when I once peeked at my freinds multiple choice answers. Plus I had to show up that Satuday afternoon at 400pm & do confession with Brotehr Xavarian. My penance.......i had to do the stations of the cross. :( After that I lost all my self esteemm :)