January 03, 2011

Worcester Police Department

I always hear people complain about the WPD.   You know the usual "where are the cops", etc.

Without getting into too many details, there have been alot of issues on Canterbury Street.  Two in particular, one concerning me two weeks back and another tonight .   They have been invaluable. There are alot more adjectives that I could come up with, but I can not express them enough here.

For anyone out there reading this, our video system has been invaluable.  It does not just apply to businesses, but to home-owners.   For an investment of $3,000 (and I don't sell these systems) six years ao, the return that I have gotten are immeasurable.  

I would like to give a big THANKS to the WPD!!!!  


Jahn said...

Then theres the Haverhill fire dept:

HAVERHILL, Mass. — As many as 29 Haverhill firefighters could be fired for allegedly lying to obtain their emergency medical technician recertifications.

Mayor James Fiorentini notified the firefighters named last year by the state as participants in the EMT training scandal that they face unpaid suspensions and possible termination.

The list includes several senior officers, including a deputy chief.

The Eagle-Tribune reports that Fire Chief Richard Borden has recommended the mayor suspend 22 firefighters without pay for 624 hours each _ amounting to nearly one-third of their annual pay.

He recommended the other seven firefighters be given unpaid suspensions of approximately 300 hours each.

The president of the firefighters union refused comment.

Jahn said...

Imagine if these guys worked at EMC :) or anywhere else and fudged their hi tech certifications.

I suggest they'd be walked outta the place immedialtely by security.

Iwillsaythis said...

They do a good enough job, no complaints here.