January 02, 2011


This from Worcersteria.   I do not recall anything from the Chamber annual editorial in the Telegram about "much more then four units"?    Translation--alot of current dues paying members must have called and complained about this so now they are running away from this idea.  Can anyone find out how many units that the Chamber has in mind?

Some heads turned, however, when the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce issued a letter supporting this idea – but the group’s business resource manager, Michael Lanava, clarified that they’re looking at this for buildings with much more than four units.


Signman said...

"much more". Leaves it open ended six is much more...question is housing projects. Great brook, Plumbly Village do they pay real estate taxes and this would hurt them correct?

Joe Biden-isms said...

Common Sense 101 & also Q.C.C. Business Policy 101:

FIRST THINK and then ask those who pay your bills, a.k.a. customers/dues paying members what they might think about taxing certain multiple resdential units at commercial rates.

Small wonder that Worc is lacking a business base ???

Open mouth, insert foot

Jahn said...

SignHombre'......WHA properties....no way ...they dont pay RE taxes

I'll tell ya one thing... if thsi goes through and I truly doubt that Beacon hill would go along with it ........but ya never know...........but if it goes through...eventually years later all non owner occupied res. property will be taxed at commercial rates.

1969 sales tax starts at 3%

1970's " " moves to 5%

2009 " " " " 6%+

Once the camel gets nose under tent...the ++++ really hitz the

Fool me once same on you.....fool me twice..........

BTW guys..........has JJ left town yet?..........been a month so since the news broke?........must still tlaking $$$$$$$$$$ with the Town of Auburn

If your a public employee ya gotta love these porta-pensions that make job mobilityy such a breeze

Leave Worc & move to Massport & take porta pension with you

Leave Worc & move to Sherriffs dept & take porta pension with you..&... THEN THEN THEN leave sherriff and come back to Worc with porta pension!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave Worc & move to Auburn & take porta pension with you.

Leave Worc and move to Goils Klub....ooops...!!!!!!!no porta pension with private organizations...only with gubmint organizations or quasi gubmint orgs