December 22, 2010

Businesses to get a break on taxes

That is the headline in today's paper.   How does the average commercial tax-payer getting an increase of $1.1639 can be called a "break". 


Jahn said...

I just read Eric K's blog about the Hanover Theatre and the restuarant issue. I think he's got some fine ideas, esp for a guy who claims not to be a restaurateur. Rooftop summertime dining really makes me think of warm summer days & nights and we just lost Vinny T's outside, decktop dining on Lake Quinsig.

If it's viable or not is a horse of a different color, however I thought a restuarant was under constr at that site??? I must have missed something or misread a story somewhere.

Here is another Worc or Downtown Worc build out that is incomplete or has never been started. I have to wonder...was this restaurant build out a contractual part of the entire Hanover/City of Worc. deal that like Mason St or Pharmasphere lays fallow and if so, whats does Econ Dev'ment office have to say about it? I mean were gubmint subsidies to Hanover contingent on a restaurant also being built?

Now if these folks at the Hanover restaurant came looking for a TIF or Philly Plan deal, how would you folks feel about it? Y'all know how I would feel. Rest assured the odds of this restaurant going forward w/o gubmint subsidies are at best very weak.

David Z. said...

IIRC, the building next to the Hanover Theater was a private transaction by some of the principals involved with the Hanover. It was completely independent of the theater rehab.

Of course once they got the existing tenants out of the space and financing in place for a restaurant, the economy tanked. Not sure what if anything is going on now with the site.

But I do agree with Eric K's ideas for the site.

David Z. said...

Speaking of restaurants, there is a nice piece in this morning’s T&G about the Village of Piedmont’s newest one, Firewood Café.

Here is the link:

Jahn said...

Agreed ,David, the econ. is def. one factor re that restaurant getting built.

I have to ask myself though, how would I feel if I was a 30 year tenant in that building and got booted and maybe even lost my business...all in the name of what is good for The Hand It Over Theatre.

Then also stop and think that if The Hand It Over Theatre didnt get 150 trillion dollrs in gubmint subsidies to re-hab The Hand It Over Theartre........then what are the odds the currnet Hand It OVer owners would have had the money and/or the financing to buyout thsi now vacant building to build a restauant. When you through all the smoke and mirrors, gubmint funding of The Hand It Over Theatre basically got the tenants of the building next door booted out.

This is typical of the collateral damage that gov't does when they get involved where they shouldnt.............just ask Ole Barney Frank...

Paulie's Point of View said...

I am building a roof deck on a property I own in has killer views of Boston....when I lived in Charlestown our roof deck had a fab view of the roof decks