December 05, 2010

Development questions

  1. old Friendly's on Lincoln Street
  2. old Sheraton Lincoln Street on Lincoln Street
  3. next to Joey's on Mill Street

Can anyone tell me what is going on at these three spots.


Anonymous said...

Old Sheraton Lincoln is the site of new Aldi, short for "Albrecht Discount," a discount supermarket chain based in Germany. I believe they are also the parent company of Trader Joe's. They are popping up all over the U.S. (saw multiple stores in Tampa, FL last month).

Anonymous said...

Lincoln St is a foreign grocery called Albi's

Anonymous said...

Sorry Aldi's. Supposedly they sell only their own store brands and no one can beat their produce prices.

Signman said...

Next to joey's the owner of the building which is some type of union is building a union hall... Not sure but think electrical union

Jahn said...

Not to split hairs but, that market is actually going in the site of the old Sheraton Lincoln parking lot. The site of the actual Sheraton structure still sits vacant.

For the life of me I can't understand why they excavated all that ledge/shale outta there all this past summer. That kinda work gets expensive as hell. They have to be down at least 20 feet on the upper end of that site, less on the Lincoln St side.

I kinda scratch my head re: the old Iandolis' Market, turned Food World Warehouse, that closed in that area in the late 80's b/c the inventory shrinkage was through the roof. I recall one particular city coucilor who was upset at his fellow countrymen for closing up the store in the area he grew up in ... due to alleged inventory shrinkage. No names mentioned. :)

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, Jahn, re:parking lot vs. actual site of former hotel. The actual footprint of the store does not seem too big - the average store is 15,000-18,000 s.f. and I am assuming parking will be in front of the store. I would presume that leaves room for further development moving north along Country Club Blvd.

Jahn said...

Good time to be building a union hall. All the brothers are out of work and can either work for free or under the table.

I knew a union business agent years ago who built a combination restaurant & union hall. The BA own the buildign and operarted the restaurant. Care to guess if he used union or non union labor to construct his building?

And if you wanted to get put out on a job, you had better drink at his restaurant.

I had to pay $8.00 a month dues back in that time.

I got no paid vacation, no paid holidays, no sick days, no personal days, no bereavement days & I didnt work when it rained. I also had to work 8 or 9 or 10 hours a day if wanted to get paid for 8 or 9 or 10 hours (unlike many city jobs).

And all the money that was paid into my retirement fund is not available to me b/c I didnt get 10 years in. File under legalized thievery. But the hourly wage was good and I got shoulder ailments today to show for it.

Jahn said...

More Monday Morningh Thoughts.

How does an off duty Southbridger Fire fighter who comes to the aid of motorists in an overturned UHaul truck in Florida get an award from our Governor in Massachusetts at the Firefighter of The Year Awards in boston this dec 21st? Shouldnt the award come from the folks in Florida?

Two other passing truck drivers were also were involved in the rescue.........dare I ask what they get for accolades and awards????....The T&G never seems to ask the logical, probing, investigative questions that they s/b asking.

I have to believe the names of these 2 truckers are mentioned in the police report re: the accident.

This does a disservice to these 2 truckers, who BTW, are involved in a much more dangerous line of work then FFer's are and also truckers are not deemed to be "on duty" 24/7 so the truckers actually went well beyond their call of duty.

Jahn said...

Also, forgot to mention Clive this morning. For once I am liking what he wrote about teh side walk shoveling issue on upper Pleasant st...and dare i ask how many city owned sidewalks go unshovled all winter? Wonder if Phil can answer that questin :)

WHeres Rushton and Germaine on this hot button topic? BTW, i had forgot all about Germanine. I seen nor heard of him in ages...which is actually good.

Rushton and Germaine wants Local Labor (union?) on these TIF projects. Wait until they find out that small and meduim sized dev'ers do not generally use union labor. Funny how these 2 fellas aint saying squat about union local labor (union) on CDC building projects.

Germaine should have learned by now that he suffers from foot in mouth disease and his best work is probably done quietly and behind the scenes and out of the limelight.

So i pulled all my Christmas decorations out yesterday and I couldnt hep but notice all teh happy New Year, Merry Chrsitmas and Happy Hunnaka signs I have in my decorations. Dare I put up all these signs and risk incurring the wrath of the Worc Sign Police and or the Code dept with 300$ per diem fines for violating city ordinaces?

Jahn said...

Sam'z Klub to the New Walmart site on Rte 146 in August, 2012. Yew Ken take dat two de banc

Strictly rumor has it, they will be looking for a license to peddle aDULT BEVERAGES. OUCH..!!!! You cannot take that one to the bank...but maybe you take it to your local Se Cambein Cheques facility. Dammit I need a nip o' Ginger Brandy to warm up during lunchtime today :)

David Z. said...

Sam's club to the new Walmart Plaza is old news.

And it looks like the Olive Garden next to Walmart is very close to opening up but I would rather eat at the new Firewood Cafe in the Village of Piedmont.

Best Pizza I have ever had!!! I highly recommend it.

Jahn said...

dAVID i KNEW It was moving and I know it's old news.... didnt know when though.... I would have guessed sooner...also didnt know they were rumored to be trolling for an adult beverage license.

So how you been??? ... LTNS......dittos for Caulie Pollyer........... I trust I am on your shopping list :)

Jahn said...

Duddie is branching out to the former Lincoln St Friendly's Ice Cream.

You can get your height & weight guessed for free on opening day. If they guess wrong you get a free toaster. If they guess right you have to buy a Corvair and borrow the money for it from CB&T......after which you can call Ralph Nader. Anyone who is under 25 yrs old on here can just Google: Nadar Corvair :)