December 03, 2010

Paul Davis Restorations

Found out about this ast night and heard about today on WTAG this morning.   Paul Davis Restorations on the corner of Hope Ave and Southbridge Street will be taking pictures with Santa Claus tomorrow, Saturday, between 11 and it is either 2 or 3?   You need to bring something (money, non-perishable foods, clothes, gift cards), which is then all given to Veterans Inc. 

Rumor has a radio personaltiy in the morning who can be found on WTAG is going to there the whole time.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Crafts and other fun stuff for the kids. So if you need a picture of the kids with Santa stop by. 


Jahn said...

So I traverse Hamilton St and Pilgrim Sts area at least twice a week. For sure that is a bad ass area to be attempting to cross double lanes on each side of Hamilton st. I typically double and triple check before I cross over. Today as I cross Hamilton at Pilgrim, I couldnt help but notice what appeared to be brand new double yellow lines dead center down the middle of the road as far as I could see.

Same thing on Grafton st at Pilgrim ave.

Was it Sargeant Schlutz or Colenel Klinck that used to say "veeeeertttty interesting"

Jeff would have called it an LIC (vs a BIC) .."Line Installation Crew" Oddly enough it was very near where Jeff lived.

Off topic, but my perceptions, instincts, intuition, and perspicasity, tell me PC has fallen in love. LTNS

Jahn said...

HEY......dammit I want a TIF that will cost the city 100's thousands in lost property taxes and I will create one new job in the process..............a law library librarian........knot a bad deal if'n you can git it....

The taxpayers got poooooned on Main St south of city hall with The Hand It Over Theatre money the same motis operandi seems to rearing its ugly head on Main St north of city hall...........Who the hell needs to knock over Brinks trucks when the City of Worcester will just give ya all the money you want.

I can't wait to see what they want for TIF's for the build out of the old Boyz Club where I used to swim el buffo. I even attempted Boys Club boxing once against a kid from Summer i said only once though :(