December 20, 2010

Chamber e-mail update

E-mail from the Chamber below.  Can't believe the Chamber of Commerce is urging for the LARGE commerical properties to be classified as commercial, not residential.  

Today, we are taking the opportunity to update you on this issue. The Chamber has learned that the tax rates will set based on last year’s assessments.

-- If the lowest residential rate is voted in, the average homeowner bill will rise about $140 (primarily due to the use of last year's assessments).

-- Further, if the lowest residential rate is voted in, the new commercial rate will be $35.19 shooting the small business owner's taxes up an average of $1,400 a year – that's 10 times that of what the average homeowner would experience.

-- The Chamber wants to make its position clear with regard to the tax rate for multiple residence properties. The Chamber is only advocating for LARGE residential properties to be classified as commercial rather than residential.

-- The Chamber is advocating that the increases related to the “standard” 2.5% allowed, the $2 million for street and sidewalk improvements, along with the $6 million for school infrastructure improvements - to be shared equally.

-- The Chamber is advocating for a tax fairness strategy that will, on average, ease the potential burden to small business owners tax rate to offset what could be a drastic increase.

The City Council will vote on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 7 pm to set the 2011 tax rate. In order to maximize the impact of the tax fairness strategy that will be presented, the Chamber is requesting your presence at this hearing. If you are unable to attend, please consider sending a letter or making a phone call to the Worcester City Council. Letters can be addressed to Worcester City Council, 455 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608. Calls can be made to the Mayor at 508.799.1153.

Questions can be addressed to the Chamber. Please contact Michael S. Lanava at 508-753-2924 x222 or


David Z. said...


I was listening to Jahn's favorite radio host yesterday afternoon and his sources are telling him that the vote to start migrating to a more equitable distribution between commercial & residential is 5 - 5. And his sources also tell him that the only one that was still undecided is Kate Toomey. Kate I hope you’re reading this while contemplating which way you’re going to cast your vote.

And for those reading this like Steve and Anonymous, Bill nailed it when he said that the residents are picking up more and more of the tax burden by the City Councilors continually voting the lowest residential rate.

Steve, I lived in Sutton for almost 13 years back when the commercial property was virtually non-existent. The burden that this had on town services, schools and public safety was at times insurmountable. The residents could only afford to shoulder so much of the tax burden. Now you have a town manager in Sutton and a Board of Selectmen that gets it. In order to lower everyone’s tax burden or at the very least to mitigate substantial increases in taxes for residential property owners they have aggressively went after commercial development with a single tax rate.

Atlas Crating has a brand new world headquarters on Route 146, they built an industrial park in South Sutton, an old factory in the Manchaug section of town has been rehabbed and is attracting tenants, if it wasn’t for the economy stalling as I mentioned in an earlier post, Sutton Square would have expanded by now, and a new mega shopping destination would be on Route 146 NB.

Increased commercial growth is the right thing for all taxpayers and if Worcester keeps socking it to the commercial property owners, they will go to the suburbs where they will be welcome with open arms.

Then the residents of the city will be paying 100% of the tax burden. And if you think your taxes are high now, they will be unaffordable for all residents when you’re paying 100% of the burden.

Jahn said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM ........ I wonder who my fav. radio talk host is....must be the dude with the call in talk radio show that sometimes gets few calls whilst the host has orgasms listening to himself yap. I maybe listineing to him Moore as the year comes two a clothes, as I think Howie will be in Fla. for a year end hiatus from his yappin'

Dave, it's kinda funny how Slutton is now aggreessively courting new comm dev'ment........ correct me if I am wrong but thsi is the same Town of Slutton that ran a huge Home Depot distribtuion center outta town on a rail. I think it was to be adjacent to 146 and I think it was in 2002? I knew the contractor who thought he had the concrete foundation work for the project....thats why it always sticks in my memory.

BTW. I think this was the same HD distribution center that was previoulsy also run ouuta town on rail by Shrewsbury.....was to be at the site of the Old Edgemere drive in....which to this day still lays fallow (a.k.a as ailing from the Pharmasphere/Mason disease).

What is it with these snobby towns that used to have drive in theatres. Maybe they think Home Depot distribution centers are Rated XXX or Rated H.D. (use your imagination) Harley Davidson???