December 15, 2010

Sleeping Chamber

Shouldn't the annual letter regarding the Commercial tax letter be in the newspaper any day now.  


Signman said...

They are more concerned with getting 50 To100 percent of windows covered in the new sign codes

Jahn said...

IMO, we have to get Jim Mcgovern to City Hall to explain to the businessmen and C. of C. why we need to have the highest comm tax rate. After that he can lobby on be half of his Community Dev'ment Corporation constituents to make them exempt from Phil Palmieri's idea to tax 5 or more residential units that are under one roof at comm. tax rates.

Anyone else notice these last few days how CSX seems to be acquiring the properties they need to expand as well possibly more properties and did I hear something about more city streets being acquired, too. Do you suppose that CSX is paying for these add'l costs themselves or do you think they'll just be raising the acquisition cost of their Allston Brighton facility that the state wants to take over ... in order to cover these add'l costs of moving operations from Allston to Worcester.

Signman, I am not sure what you mean re: "windows covered in the new sign codes" You referring window signs be treated more favorably?

David Z. said...

The annual "As I See It" Chamber of Commerce piece will be in Monday morning's T&G and the lead editorial in Tuesday's paper will be for a more favorable commercial rate.

Let's hope the City Council finally gets it right this and all subsequent years.

zed said...

Taxing apartment buildings at the commercial rate is a step in the right direction to bring down the commercial rate for all owners.