December 09, 2010


Who is the very recognizable person in the Old Milwaukee commercial?


Anonymous said...

wally cleaver

Jahn said...

Only think missing from that picture is a Volkswagen mini bus adorned with peace insignias and a couple of filthy, dirty, waistlengthed hair, maggot infested, 130 lb stoners leaning against it toking a joint and big woodstock sign in the background.

I wonder what Amer. Pickers would pay for somethinglike that in poster form?

So I am the only one who thinks it is a tad unususal that Worcester's Econ. dev'ment honcho would go public with future employment plans, yet T&G says the compensation issue with the Town of Auburn still needs to be worked out?

Most people would know exactly what they're being compensated before they move on down road??????? Maybe the T&G got it wrong or there is an unwritten message there?

I always liked Jeff's perspective regarding taking the T&G to task for what they didnt write and/or purposefully omitted when covering a story.