December 17, 2010

Mason Winfield Deadline

If we are giving Pharmaspere a deadline when they won an RFP in Janaury of 2008, why aren't we giving the owners of Mason-Winfield a deadline for their November, 2005 RFP?

Actually when you really think abou it, if I was Pharmasphere I would sue the City of Worcester if they rebid this parcel based on the fact the City does not enforce the terms of any of the other RFP's and claim discrimination. 


Jahn said...

To steal a phrase from Howie Carr, would anyone care to guess if Worc Common Grd has paid the taxes on this Mason St site for Aug 201o and Nov, 2010.

Further would anyone care to guess if WGC is listed in citys website as being $1,148.44 in arrears on their Mason St obligations.

How does WGC pull permits when they are behind on municipal obligations. I Thought u had to be currnt on taxes or at least swear on a stack of code dept bibles that are current).

Get thy self to confeesion tommoorw after noon 4:00pm

Signman said...

Bill the difference is the city still owns the land...all the other ones the land has been given...example mason st...WCG owns mason st and there was nothing in the agreement to give the land back... As a businessman (as the city should do)I would not do any more business with WCG until WCG does what is in the agreement.... What does the city do... Gives them more breaks and deals and Corrects sewer issues on the tax payers dime. That WCG was warned about...and still did the project...never mind they get the side walks done as well.... It will never end. By the way I just got served papers to remove graffiti off my phone call asking me just served papers..Three small areas. Maybe they should put their effort into the burnt building on Piedmont st..