December 15, 2010

Property tax prediction

Slight change.  Petty and Rushton will vote for something other then lowest residential like last time.   I realized this yesterday.  After the Mayor's task force and his "As I See It " piece, he will have to join him so now you have three

I don't see any of the district councilors going anything but lowest.   I would also add Konnie to that group.   That would be six.  Maybe one of these could switch but I doubt it. 

That leaves Mike Germain and Kate Toomey.   Not sure which way they will go.     


David Z. said...

I think there are some things going on behind the scenes that we're not privy to. That is the “real reason” for the long delay in setting the tax rates in Worcester.

I may be dreaming but I predict a slight shift towards a more favorable commercial tax rate. If that happens, it needs to be sustained in subsequent years so we can finally do away with the albatross of a dual tax rate.

Bill Randell said...


I think you are on to something here. Also agree that it need to be sustained.

Remember about 5 years ago they had a slight shift for a year or two then we went right back to lowest residential.


Jahn said...

David, I have been saying there's more to this delay than new computer issues, trieniel re-valutions, and a SLOW DOR....which kinda begs teh question has anyone ever heard of a fast DOR, a rapido RMV, or any expeditous state dept?

OK, I am goign to steal acouple of phrases from David and Bill. I may be dreaming and I will go out on a limb, a 45 week limb, and predict that any movement this Dec. 21st toward a more equitable comm. tax rate will be competely negated Come Next Nov 1st when council will hit up the comm. properties for a higher rate. It is a city council re-election year in 2011......right?

zed said...

Jahn, you never know. The vote typically comes AFTER the election. If fresh candidates fuel anti-incumbent sentiment locally, you could have a number of lame ducks who don't care who they piss off.