December 15, 2010

Pharmasphere Cheat Notes

January 1, 2008:   Pharmasphere wins the bid for $1, although abutter bid $50,000.    Reason being the project was larger in scope and was too start that Spring.

Spring, 2008;  No Building going on..

September, 2008:  Steve Crane (think that was his name from the City)  presents an LDA (Land Disposition Agreement) to the SWIP (South Worceser Industrial Park) task force that gives Pharmasphere 2 years to take title to the property because they were having trouble getting finances.  I state my opposition.

Next two years:   Pharmasphere does not take title to property, does not pay one penny in taxes and does maintain the property.

September, 2010:   LDA expires, but Pharamasphere is given more time

Januarym, 2011:   It will be three years since this parcel was awarded for $1.


Jahn said...

Did you write those cheat notes on the palm of your hand? Lordie, what would the Xaverian Bro's say :)

Bill, I bought an expensive Christmas gift for Pualie. I trust he is still alive?

Tracy Novick said...

This came up at last night's Council. Did you see it? If not see the WoMag liveblog, 8 pm (