December 12, 2010

Worcester Airport Tonight's Flight

My brother-in-law was to land tonight from Sanford.  Flight was cancelled because it was "too dangerous to land in Worcester".    I try to support ORH, but do you think any flights from JetBlue into Boston or Southwest into Providence are being cancelled tonight?  This is ridiculous.

They will, however, try to get a flight out tomorrow but no guarantees,  Since they are a charter airline, not a regular airline, there is no reciprocity to get him a flight on another airline. 


Anonymous said...

Allegiant's stock is at $52.58...


Harry T

Anonymous said...

Harry T

Anonymous said...

Our flight from SFB to ORH on Sat was about 3 1/5 late. Will have more on that soon. Traveled with the football team. Will have ALOT more for you on that.

Steve Foley said...

If you read the terms and conditions on Direct Air's website, you'll find that they reserve the right to delay a flight up to 48 hours before offering any recourse.

If you don't like the terms, don't buy a ticket.

Bill Randell said...


How many people do you think really read these terms?


Anonymous said...

Bill - Worcester airport will never work. Cargo maybe, passengers no. The flight out from ORH was nothing spectacular. TSA was rude and was unable to answer the question that I had. The "agent" told me that I was non compliance since I was carrying an extra bag. Not the problem of ORH, I will give it that. There was a group of cheerleaders on this flight and the chaperones were pretty non existent. As for the ride back. There were no Direct Air representatives at the check-in desk. It appears that they are contractors. Flight on time. Waited. Waited. Waited. I was kind of foggy at this point but the non Direct Air person said that there was a delay due to weather in Worcester. Brother in-law said it was 40 and clear?? No further explanation. People were still checking into the desk, less than an hour before the flight was to take off and the desk representative said that the flight was on time. No sooner headed thru security the monitor changed to TBA. Felt kind of bad for the guy since his ride just left after being told that the flight was on time. The person sitting behind us actually called Direct Air and the phone representative said that flight was still on time. The representative then said that the flight landed in Worcester 8 minutes prior to the call. Deplane, unload bags, board, load bags, refuel and a 2:45 flight down does not equal an on time flight due to leave in less than an hour. As for the football team. Many of the kids were nice. But after waiting in an airport for over 4 hours well… The chaperones again were non-existent especially on the flight. I did see one tell some kids to "shut the F up" a few times but I am not sure if that was the same one who was wearing the shirt depicting a woman fellating a man with the caption objects might be bigger than you think. Good role model ehh?

There was no communication to the passengers about the delay from Direct Air. I did learn from the poor pilot that there was fog in Punta Gorda in the early a.m. Thus setting everything back. The best thing of the whole experience is that it only took me 10 minutes to get home.

Anonymous said...

And those terms suck whether written or not. It's ridiculous that we can't get a normal airline that operates with some normalcy with respect to their policies.

Steve Foley said...

1) TSA is not a problem with Worcester or with Direct Air. TSA is a problem with TSA.

2) A group of cheerleaders are not the problem of Worcester, nor a problem of Direct Air. I don't know of any airline that provides chaperones. The people to complain to would be the school that they were representing.

I have repeatedly compared Direct Air to a taking a bus. If you are sitting at the Peter Pan bus terminal waiting for the bus to Podunk, the guy selling tickets has no idea where the bus is, when it will arrive or when it will leave. Direct Air is trying its best to keep prices down. That means hiring the bare minimum number of people necessary to safely operate.

If you want something more, don't fly from Worcester.

I read the terms and conditions precisely because I had heard stories about delays and wanted to know what I was getting myself into. I found out, and decided it was worth the potential hassle. Each direction was delayed, but I showed up at the airport expecting the delay.

There's an old saying: The way to make a small fortune in aviation is to start with a large fortune. Direct Air seems to have found a way to operate flights, make a few bucks, and keep the planes flying.

Anonymous said...

1. TSA does not care, nor enforce, rules about how many bags you can/can not have. That is an airline policy. Were you told that at the check in counter?

2. The lack of communication is very obvious, yes. The main issue with ORH is that on most (not all) days, that it is just one plane that flies out in the morning and in the afternoon. If the morning flight arriving to ORH is a half hour late due to some morning fog, then another half hour late departing ORH due to fog/win (both of which are VERY common on top of the hill), then the night flight will now be at least an hour late, and now you're bumping into pilots horus in the air.

3. Weather is weather. If the weather is good, they will fly. If not, they will not fly. Now, if it is a maintenance issue, then that is a different story.

4. I was delayed out of ORH last winter. While waiting in the airport for many hours with little communication, we were finally told the flight was canceled due to weather and that it would be rescheduled the next morning. We received no help from the representatives. However, while sitting there for many hours, I talked to someone who worked at the airport and was given two intriguing pieces of information:

If weather causes the delay/cancelation, then tough luck. Not the airlines fault.

However, if it is a mechanical problem, the airline does its best to provide food and hotel discounts for the passengers.

I was also tipped off to a website called to check exactly where my plane is. I primarily fly out of Boston now, but I still check the website before I leave my house and I also check in on family members flights!

Jahn said...

So...........we're 5 months into Massports takeover at Worc Airport and I am still waiting to hear of changes happening?

weather conditions and cancelled flights do not necessarily a bad airline make.

And if anyone tells me Massport is holding off making their cahnges at Worc Airport b/c they dont want it to look like they held back improvements for the 10 yrs they managed the place so they could buy it on the cheap and now for appearance sake they ar enot going to immediately upgrade the place.............well I'll scream if I hear that again.

At least lets us see/hear what masspoarts plans are.....De plans de plans........Worc wants to know the plans of Massport

Meanwhile back at the ranch at 446 Main Worc, the city councilors are battenning down the hatches for the DEc 21st tax rate news.............already 6 weeks later later than it s/b.......allegedly becuz someone decided to implement a new computer system in the same trienniel year that Worc has to do re-assessments

Anonymous said...

Steve you are correct. I wanted something more of my travels out of ORH. I wanted it to work. There is nothing in the terms of agreement that state that lack of communication is permissible. I gave it the benefit of doubt and pretty much failed. With over 30,000 ff miles in the last 6 months. I have seen flight attendants tell people to calm down, turn their music lower and to behave. This did not happen. Like you said, hire the minimum get the minimum

That was my point anonymous. TSA is not part of the airline. They should not be telling me that I cannot carry my kids bag.

Anonymous said...

And I was telling you that it was not TSA that told you that.

You were told that while at the check in counter, correct?

If so, those were WAP, not TSA. I've noticed on each flight I've taken out of ORH (using family ties) that there is ALWAYS WAP at the check in counter to help with any issues. No TSA agent has ever cared about how many bags you have.

Anonymous said...

Incorrect sir/madame. These fools did care for some reason.

It was TSA who told me that I had more bags than allowed when and after I put my carry on bags and kids carry on bags on the conveyor belt to get scanned. I don't know where the confusion is. It was NOT at the check in counter. If WAP was doing the screening then I think that there is a bigger issue as they are not sanctioned by DHS to do scanning at airports.

Just a question tho? Why would a WAP be telling me that I had more bags that permitted? Is that in their scope of jurisdiction? Are we the tax payers paying them to enforce the airport rules regulations or the toa of the airline? If so, I am really getting screwed with the elephant on the hill with my taxes. OR is it the airline who pays for WAP to be present.

Anywho, flew out of BOS on Tuesday morn came back last night. lot easier and better experience. but as Steve says you pay for what you get. That is all.

Anonymous said...

I've flown out of ORH 4 times using the family ties to visit the parents in Florida. Everytime has been smooth except one long (weather related) delay. During this time, you notice a lot of what is going on at the airport.

WAP was with a Direct Air representative every single time I saw one. At the check in counter, and at the gate. They were the ones who were primarily answering the questions for the passengers. It seems as though they were used to help answer the questions about the delay and such because the passengers were much less likely to get angry at WAP than a representative.

And sir/madame, I do not believe your accusations that the TSA gave you grief for the bags. Being a frequent business flyer (never flown for business out of ORH), I have parents carrying bags for their childrens dozens and dozens of times. Even when I fly with my wife and son I do it. In fact, I have flown with my wife and son out of ORH twice to Punta Gorda, and my wife and son take off through the checkpoint while I stay behind to take care of the bags and stroller. No TSA agent has ever given me grief, or even spoke a word to me. You are not going to agree with me, but its clear that their was simply a misunderstanding. TSA was always very helpful when I flew out of their the first time, and even when I had the long delay, they were walking around and chatting with some of the passengers who were waiting.

Did they refuse to screen your luggage?