December 18, 2010

City of Boston Taxing to the max

As much as the rates mater, keep our overal taxes (resdiential and commercial together) matters just as much.  Currently the City of Worcester is below the maximum amount it can actually tax.

As reported in the Herald, the City of Boston has decided to tax to it's maximum amount.   An increase of over 75 million from last year.  


Chris said...

Oh don't you worry. I'm sure Worcester will not be too far behind on doing the same thing.

Jahn said...

Nice..huh.... tax to te max...........coming for Christmas to a theater near you ......Taxpayer Coal......starring Tumbles as Tumbles has to stalk and strip mine half of Boston to get enuff coal to fill every Bostonian taxpayers stocking.

On another note, Boston will close 12(?) schools and convert all or many of them to charter schools.......great way to save money and give urban dweelers some real choice and educational hope for their school aged kids.

Meanwhile 40 miles west in Worcester, the teachers who average an annualized $110,000 are demanding 8.5% over a 3 year contract. Worcester will soon need more charter(s) on demand. Nuttin' quite like good ole pinkie ring, union thug scrooges.