December 09, 2010

Hometown Heros

Congrats out to Sprout and Wormtown Taxi.


Anonymous said...


Harry T

Jahn said...

How many AJ Wrights stores in Worcester? 2....3??

Just heard the entire chain is going bye bye

jahn said...

Wonder if the TJX warehouse in the airport industrial park ships to AJ Wright stores :)

Jahn said...

Sorry last post was suppose to have a frown, not a smiley face

Boston news is reporting both Worc stores will close and not be converted to TJX or Marshalls.

Airport supply depot will stay

1,200 employes at framingham A J Wright Headquarters........100 remain :(

I tell you folks working for the city, state, or feds is looking better everyday.........if your grandchild just got out of college and was looking for a job would tell em to look in dreaded private sector or the overpaid, underworked public sector. Not sure what I would tell them. Frankly, I wouldnt make a recommedation, even if they asked.

Full disclosure, I got a friend at the Framing/Natick hdqtrs. who got ax'ed.

Sprout said...

Oh gee.......Thanks Bill!