December 16, 2010

Mason Winfield Cheat Notes

. The City of Worcester sold this property (former Royal Linen property) on November 5, 2005 via an RFP process to an entity called Mason-Winfield. Here are some of the Facts
  1. 11/2/5 book 37717 page 51 48 Mason Street--66,853
  2. 2.11/2/5 book 37717 page 59 47 Mason Street-- 43,147
  3. Total price 110,000
  4. Commence land development within one year specified in deed
  5. Complete development within two years specified in deed
  6. Land shall not be used for the storing or dumping of trash or refuse specified in deed
Five years have passed and we still have an empty lot.  The current LDA is out of compliance the City of Worcester should take steps to take the property back


Jahn said...

I just read Traceys link to CC meeting on dec 14th.

Wyman Gordon site is brought up. CC's weight in saying WG s/b treated just like any otehr property owners re the niusance ord. I chuckled to myself and thought of the pass that Worc Comm. Grd has gotten on Mason St site for 5 years now.......not a peep out of Haller about it??

CC also seems to think that they have a say in the future dev'ment of trhe WG site. WTF???

At that point I just stopped reading the CC notes. Probably 1/3 of the way through them, I started to get sick to my stomach.

These clowns got their collective noses in everyone else business, while the city is falling apart. Kinda like Obuma yesterday telling the CEO's of Amer's biggest co's that that they have start hiring with all the cash they have on hand. Bill, Imagine a local community activist coming to you telling you how, when , & where to invest your money. Priceless & clueless.

lauty1981 said...

not related to post at all...saw post on Eric K's blog that you linked to (Image of Worcester) on soccer stadium and had something I wanted to show him something I did. Can you send me his email address to Could not for the life of me figure how to post a comment on his blog.

David Z. said...

I had blogged once before that I thought the Wyman Gordon site would be perfect for a soccer only stadium for the New England Revolution. I'm glad Eric is running with it.

However according to Paulie and several news reports that I have read over the last 6 months or so, Somerville has the inside track for the stadium.

Jahn said...

David, I saw that on Erics blog and thought to myself, what a good idea. Did Eric also have the idea of using land opposite Crompton as two Soccer fields also. Practice fields in both cases, I think??

Is WG site large enough for a staduim, parking facilities , and all the ancillary thingies that would be needed. I guess WG also owns the land on the other side of Madison St, too?? What size crowds do these soocer games draw.

You should call up JJ before she heads to teh 'burbs..........plant the idea......assuming it hasnt been planted yet.

All I know is that once upon a time, on like a wednesday weekend day evening I got stuck on 495/95/1/1A roadways in a huuuumongous traffice jam....all kinds youn' ones packed into cars..all excited......learned later there was a big soccer match up at Foxboro..........( The Jahn Mobile fit right in with all that traffic :) ).

Jahn said...

BIll you forgot the biggest part of thsi Mason St sham......................i.e. the purchase by for profit partnership or a quasi for profit p'ship ...........then the subsequent transfer to Worc Comm. Grd for the freebie 21E pollution clean up (TY Jim McGovern) and then the transfer back to the dev'ment p'ship.

With Elmer Fudd getting demoted in the house this January, what's the odds he might lose some of his clout.....which clout was going to be needed if this parcel ever had a snow ball's chance in hell of getting dev'ed

Elmer will now be sitting in teh back of Apprpriations Sub Committe bus.

David Z. said...

Jahn, the Major League Soccer board of directors is pushing to have soccer only stadiums built for the teams. I'm not 100% sure but I think most of the teams average around 25,000 fans per game. In a football stadium that doesn't add up to many seats filled.

They are seeking to place stadiums in urban areas that will hold about 30,000 fans. I would think that the WG property would be large enough. You're right about all of the land for parking on the other side of Madison Street.

I really believe that this would be an absolutely great location for the New England Revolution especially with the strong ethnic popualtions in Worcester where soccer is king in their native countries.

Jahn said...

David whaddaya say you and I open up a Cask & Flagon type establishment on millbury St or in the Canal anticipation of WG site succesfully landing a scoocer franchise. I'll be the invisible partner....... :)

You got the juice for the full pouring permit???????.....i got the dinero's.

Jahn said...

Also david, I dont want the taxpayers of Worc getting it Socced to them for this stadium.

Old man Kraftie aint going to be coming to Worc bangin' his tin cup like he did a dozen years ago in Prov, Hartf, Boston, etc.