December 22, 2010

Tax Rates

Had some time to think about the vote last night.   Good that we did not have the lowest residential rate and that the City Council seems to be realizing that we have a definate problem ---shrinking commercial tax base.

The think that really hit me was that guy (Reid) when he spoke.    Everyone lost last night both commercial and residential.   We need to focus together on cutting expenses.


zed said...

Have another drink. It won't make a difference and you know it.

Bill Randell said...


You are right this one vote last night will not increase our commercial tax base.

We only hope that this is the first step in many that we may make that will make a difference.


Jahn said...

Bill, next year is a CC election year. Dare I go out on a limb and say the comm. rate will get less favorable treatment, assuming we can even call last night favorable treatment.

CC Germaine is no fool. Better to commit political siucide in an off election year.

Kate's vote did surprise me though. My money was on her opting to vote the higher(est) comm. rate. You go girl...!!!!!! Good move Kate. Next Falls election bumper sticker will be: "Kate 4 Lowest Res. Rate"...

So if we have to cut costs now, dare I ask how many tears would be shed over privatizing the school dept custodial staff as an inital cost cutting measure. :)