December 21, 2010

Taxing 4+ units Commercially

People often use the arguement that businesses relocate or move ouside the City of Worcester because they can save alot of monies on their tax bills, if they just move across the city line.     I agree and I think the numbers prove that.

Lets assume that taxing 4+units commercially becomes a reality, where do you think people will build 4+ units of residential housing? Right across the city line.    If you believe the arguement (I do) that we need to lower the commercial tax rate to keep businesses in the City of Worcester, what do you want to push 4+ residential development (the exact thing we need downtown) out of the City of Worcester?

Another thing I just thought of, what will happen to the actual values of these properties when their taxes doubkle over-night?   The value will plummet when they are taxed at $30 plus per thousand....    

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Steve Foley said...

How is occupancy in Worcester? If the occupancy rate is high, the taxes will just be passed along to the renters.

If it's low, the evil landlords will have to absorb the cost.

Maybe the landlords should require all renters to be registered voters, and let them know that all tax increases will be passed along to them.