December 06, 2010

Friendly's On Lincoln Street

Nobody knows anything???

Webster Five has broken ground behind Walgreen's on Park Ave.


Signman said...

Pats are looking awesome and you are worried about friendly's

Jahn said...

Sorry for the misunderstanding on my last post on this topic.

CB&T. Eye am cerious

Call 1-800-DIAMOND.....

David Z. said...

I did a Google search and it looks like there may have been an auction of the property back in the summer. I couldn't find any other details.

Jahn said...

So last night I am reading the T&G bloogers comments on this sno shoeling case issue and now court case, involving the sidewalk snow shoveling on UPPAH Pleasant St at Westview rd

The only fact NOT in dispute is that Some (or all?) Westview St property owners did not shovel the sidewalk where it is alleged by the City to be their responsibility.

What IS in dispute is what party(s) are responsible for clearing the snow. Westerview'ers claim they aint resposbilbe and city says they are?

So anyway after reading bloogers comments, I am left kinda scratching my head and wondering why Judge Diana Horan of the Worc Cnty Housing court was unable to be present for the case.

For the record an Attorney named Diana Horan was City Manager & Tom Hoovers go to person in the law dept for housing and building code violations back in the day.

A little wild speculation here....and agian this is just me throwing ++++ against the wall and seeing what sticks. But...........

What is the possiblity that this case would have been heard and adjudicted as follows and therefore we want to avoid having to go to trial, lest the City ends up with egg on its face, coal for eyes, and a carrot sticking out of it's mouth??

Yes the Westview'ers are abutters to the sidewalk in question, BUT THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING (SHOVELING) REAL ESTATE NOT OWNED BY THEM ........then this favorable ruling is vetted on the front page of T&G such that many Worcesterites stop shoveling their sidewalks...citing the Westveiw'ers vs. City case precedent?

Additionally, oddly enough, rather than usual continuance when the judge doesnt show, the city then drops the case or waives the tickets or whatever the proper term is?

Hey Phil..... that Snow blower that you bought in Febr. 2009 after Jeff outted you......well you can put it on Craigslist no longer have to worry about doing yuor sidewalks

Jahn said...

So I am 2nd in command at Canterbury Beers & Ales. I am selected as the candidate for the Numero uno position at Jahns Jahnjamiester Joint just down the street a bit, just over into the next voting district.

The job is offered to me and neither my new bosses nor I have settled on a compensation package compensation......yet it's public knowlegde a foregone conclusion that I am outta Cnaterbury Beers & Ales?

That aint how I ever left a job and took on a new position and I am certain most others in the same position would act similarly to me? I need to know at he very least about my salary so I can properly fund my Jahgamiesiter lifestyle as well health insurance b/c my liver is ailing.

An Aside here. One of the biggest problems we have in Mass is that gub'mint employees and quasi gubmint employees can transfer their entire pension package, unscathed, to a new gumint or quasi gubmint employer. Kinda almost makes for portable gubmint jobs

A few years ago we had 2 employee transitions outta city to Massport and one to the WEST BOYLSTON HOTEL ON THE HILL. Both were able to take their porta-pensions with them( and in one case back again to worc.) Now we got JJ being able to do similarly. Makes deciding to take a new job awhole lot easier when you know your porta pension comes with it....all 100% of it untarnished.

David Z. said...


I couldn't find an article on-line yet but this week's Worcester Business Journal is reporting that a new Commerce Bank Branch will be opening in the former Friendly's on Lincoln Street.